5 Signs of Premature Aging and Ways to Tackle Them

With age, as our bodies grow old, so does our skin. The body’s internal processes from workout recovery to skin cell turnover get slowed down. This results in the emergence of telltale aging signs such as fine lines, wrinkles, sagging skin, and fatigue. When all of this happens earlier than expected, it is called premature aging.

Growing old is inevitable. One cannot entirely avoid these changes, however, there are anti-aging treatment tips and methods that can significantly bring down the appearance of these signs.

Pollution, UV damage, and other factors are making skin age faster than ever. However, you can slow down this process and even repair some of the damage.

Today, we are going to learn in-depth about premature aging and how we can effectively tackle it:

Main Causes of Premature Aging

Many reasons contribute to the early aging of the skin making people opt for an effective anti-aging treatment. However, the main causes that make skin look and act older than its actual age are environment, lifestyle choices, and genetics. Let’s briefly take a look at them:

Sun Exposure

Although tanning is a popular way to get that gorgeous golden-looking skin, every time you get tanned, you injure the skin. There is no safe way to prepare the skin against UV rays. You have to use the best quality sunscreen and a sound anti-aging treatment to reverse the damage.

Sun is the number one cause of premature aging of the skin. 90% of the age-related changes occur due to sun exposure. 80% of sun rays pass through the clouds even on a cloudy day.


Dirt, toxic gases, and smog absorbs in the skin and increases the natural process of aging.  Exposure to pollutants that include the above along with free radicals and extreme climate can adversely impact your skin. This appears in the form of dehydration, fine lines, wrinkles, weak skin, and dullness making you look older than you are making it necessary to seek out an anti-aging treatment.

Poor Eating Habits

Foods that are high in refined carbs, sugar, sodium, trans fats, and all processed items are terrible for your health in the long run. Collagen and elastin are the two key proteins that keep our skin soft and youthful. Poor diet degrades both elasticity and collagen. Not having a healthy diet makes the skin look dull, red, puffy, and even causes an acne breakout.

In that case, you have no option but to seek professional help from an aesthetician and get anti-aging treatment so they can prevent the signs of premature aging signs and keep the skin looking healthy and glowing.


The stress hormone cortisol is triggered when you are stressed. This impacts hydration levels, microcirculation, and sebum production. You have to keep yourself as stress-free as possible to minimize excess oil, breakouts, and faster signs of aging.

Other Factors that Contribute to Premature Aging

Here are some other factors and lifestyle choices that can cause premature aging without being the primary cause. This requires one to seek reliable and effective anti-aging treatment methods:

  • Smoking causes dryness and wrinkles. Your skin is exposed to oxidative stress through cigarette smoke.
  • As said earlier, tanning beds and excessive sun exposure to get tanned is harmful as the UV rays penetrate the skin and damage skin cell DNA that leads to wrinkles.
  • Some rare genetic conditions like progeria, Werner syndrome, and Hutchinson-Gilford syndrome cause premature aging in childhood and early puberty. Werner syndrome causes graying hair, wrinkled skin, and baldness between 13 and 30 years old.
  • The body refreshes and regenerates after sleep. Poor sleep quality makes you look tired and increases signs of aging.
  • Excessive intake of alcohol and caffeine intake dehydrates the body over time that makes the skin loose and sag.
  • Environmental pollutants and toxins in the air come in contact with your skin that cause wrinkles and pigmentation.

Signs of Premature Aging and Effective Anti-Aging Treatment Methods

Now, let’s take a look at the main signs of premature aging:

Sun Spots

When UV rays seep into the skin, it damages the cells that eventually reach the surface. This damage appears in the form of freckles or hyperpigmentation. It is best to use something with retinol that can make the brown spots fade and increase the process of cell turnover so the skin rebounds fast. Retinol helps in reducing sun spots, blemishes, and the appearance of pores. Using broad-spectrum sunscreen is the best anti-aging treatment you can get for your skin.


As said earlier, the cell turnover rate slows down with age. This results in your top layer of the skin becoming dull. To eliminate dry, flaky, and dull skin, regular exfoliation with glycolic acid is your best bet. It also helps with cell turnover. Using a glycolic peel two to three times a week does wonder for your skin. Or you can head over to Aesthetics International and get microdermabrasion for more noticeable and immediate results.

Crow’s Feet

These appear on the sides of our eyes. Sun and pollution expose our skin to damaging molecules called free radicals. These damage collagen, ceramides, and elastin that our skin needs to stay smooth. This leads to the appearance of premature aging signs.

First of all, you need to use good quality sunscreen and a pair of sunglasses to prevent this. Also, to correct the wrinkled skin, use a retinol product. It is an effective anti-aging treatment for crow’s feet. If it irritates, you can get one containing antioxidants.

Fine Lines

Our skin becomes very dry with age. For fine lines, the first thing to do is change makeup as using the wrong combinations and formulas enhances these lines. Do not use powders. Rather go for tinted moisturizer or cream foundation and a line-filling primer. This makes the skin look smooth. Use a glycolic acid peel to soften the appearance of lines. Regular usage removes dull skin cells from the surface. Or you can head over to the experts at Aesthetic International who provide hydrafacial that reduce the appearance of fine lines. It is one of the best anti-aging treatments for fine lines.

Puffy Eyes

The skin near the eye area is thin already that further thins down with age. This makes the appearance of dark circles and puffiness more pronounced. Cut out alcohol and salt from your diet if you experience extra puffiness. You can use a cold compress or eye cream with a rollerblade applicator that helps in the gentle distribution of lymphatic buildup from under the eyes while removing dark circles and puffiness.

If you experience any of these signs, you can rest assured to get them treated in the best way possible at Aesthetics International.

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