5 Top Tips For Keeping Trim & Losing Weight

With weight and nutrition being on many of our agenda’s at the moment, we have created a quick and easy guide to keeping trim and losing a few excess kilos whilst staying at home.

As we have been gifted with some extra time this can be invested in eating well, practicing portion control and exercising a little bit more than we usually do whilst pairing it with a toning treatment to help the process along in time for the summer.

  1. Exercise regularly, and keep moving every day. It’s important when we are sat still for longer, that we take time each day to go for a walk, follow a YouTube exercise video or IG Live with one of our favourite bloggers. Take a look at @LillySabri or @Peterbarron who have personalised plans and advice available every single day.
  2. The BTL Exilis Elite is an excellent non-invasive treatment for tightening and toning stubborn areas with no downtime at all. After 3-4 sessions you will see a difference, and anyone looking to  lift those frustrating areas in combination with a good diet and regular exercise regime will see a transformation without going under the knife.
  3. Nutrition is always key. Where possible, make sure that you’re eating lots of fresh fruit and vegetables in all of your meals. Ultimately losing weight is often about leaving your body in a calorie deficit, and without the movement this can be trickier. Therefore if you’re not able to exercise as much as you were doing before, try to reduce your total calories to help maintain balance.
  4. Along with regular diet and exercise, it is also important to work on regulating your sleep cycle. We recommend eight hours of sleep every night which should be non-negotiable to help with weight loss and overall wellness. There is no substitute for good quality sleep on your overall health and wellbeing, so enjoy those extra minutes in bed!
  5. Another very popular option you can try is the VelaShape 3 which contours, shapes and slims the body by improving the cellulite and reducing circumference in just one or two sessions. The state-of-the-art technology uses a combination of infrared light with radio frequency and a vacuum to heat the fat cells and the tissue around them ultimately stimulating new collagen to improve the texture, tone and elasticity of the skin. Velashape can be used on any part of the body but is particularly popular on the bottom, thighs and abdomen.

These quick, highly effective tips can work wonders on a person’s self-esteem, to help you achieve great results without going under the knife. A healthier, active lifestyle will not only translate into keeping toned and trim over this period, but also keep your skin looking and feeling healthier.

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