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Aesthetics International Plastic Surgery Clinic was established in 2011 by Dr. Jaffer Khan, a specialist Plastic & Reconstructive surgeon who has been practicing in Dubai since 1998.

Since opening its doors in Dubai, Aesthetics International has established the gold standard in the field of plastic surgery, beauty & wellness. The clinic encompasses quality, patient safety and the latest techniques in a relaxing spa environment, which connects modern medicine with a holistic approach.

Dr. Khan leads an international team of highly experienced aesthetic physicians, each one a specialist in their particular area of expertise. Because Aesthetics employs a permanent team of physicians and surgeons, patients can be sure of receiving consistent treatment from an individual who knows the personal case history. In addition, Dr. Khan’s reputation and liaisons with the medical fraternity here and abroad attract a number of visiting surgeons, all of whom are of a high caliber with established private practices in their respective home countries.

Aesthetics expanded in 2017, with the opening of its sister branch, NOVA Clinic by Aesthetics. NOVA brings some of the world’s most renowned surgeons and doctors from around the globe to the Middle East, allowing patients to take advantage of the best knowledge and expertise closer to home, along with quality aftercare.


Medical Tourism

Medical Tourism in Dubai has always attracted people from around the globe and makes it one of the top destinations worldwide. From its wonderful architecture to rich lifestyle, everything about Dubai is a class apart. Citizens from developed countries are looking for reasonable, reachable, quality healthcare with state-of- the- art medical facilities, combined with a holiday at a striking destination. And Dubai has it all to offer to its international medical tourists.

Whilst Dubai has turned out to be the preferred destination for medical tourism, Aesthetics International is proving to be the ideal choice for availing top medical services. (Every patient is a unique individual and every surgery has unique aspects. Therefore no two procedures or rejuvenation treatments will get the exact same results. Individual results vary from patient to patient.)

We look forward to contributing towards this project of positioning Dubai as a hub for medical tourism.

Aesthetics International has partnered with Dubai Health Authority, Emirates Airlines, Alpha Tours, and Worldwide Insurance Solutions to ensure your trip to Dubai is as comfortable as possible.

About Us - Aesthetics International About Us - Aesthetics International About Us - Aesthetics International About Us - Aesthetics International About Us - Aesthetics International About Us - Aesthetics International About Us - Aesthetics International