Aesthetics International Announces August Discounts for Body Contouring & Skin Rejuvenation Procedures

Dubai, August 2021 – Aesthetics International, the leading cosmetic and plastic surgery clinic in Dubai, has announced several discounts and deals valid for the month of August. Those aspiring to have glowing skin can now get the clinic’s award-winning Delux HydraFacial at AED 850. This deal also includes LED light treatment mask by MZSKIN official.  

The clinic also offers discounts for popular body contouring procedures, such as CoolSculpting and VelaShape. CoolSculpting is available at a 40% discount, while 4 sessions of VelaShape full thighs front and back are priced at AED 3600 + VAT. A 30% discount on laser hair removal is also announced by Aesthetics International.

Other discounts for skin rejuvenation treatments offered by the clinic include:

  • Co2 Fractional Laser Full Face at 45% Off
  • Microdermabrasion Deep Cleansing Facial + Fire & Ice Treatment at AED 850
  • HydraFacial +BBL or IPL for Full Face at AED 1155
  • Hydra Facial + Revlite for Full Face at AED 1155
  • Pro Facial + Oxygen Infusion Treatment at AED 850
  • Infini Full Face at 25% Off
  • HIFU Full Face at 25% Off
  • Hydra Facial + Skinceuticals Glow Peel for Full Face at AED 1155
  • These are limited time offers, valid till 31st August 2021.

All these procedures are performed by expert specialists and doctors who have earned recognition for their body of work and a huge experience.

About Aesthetics International

Aesthetics International is a reputable clinic for cosmetic and plastic surgery clinic in Dubai offering a range of invasive and non-invasive procedures, including tummy tuck, CoolSculpting, rhinoplasty, male breast reduction, breast augmentation, etc. Setting the highest standards of services and care, the clinic boasts the presence of some of the most experienced names in the world of cosmetic and plastic surgery, led by Dr Jaffer Khan, a UK Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon. Each procedure at Aesthetics International is performed using state-of-the-art equipment under expert supervision.

Media Contact:

Aesthetics International
+971 4 384 5600

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