Vera Matta, RD- PhD , has completed her bachelor in nutrition and dietetics in Notre Dame University- Lebanon, then she pursued her masters and PhD degrees in Princely international university-New York.

Since 2009, and after completing many internships in different hospitals, Dr Matta started working in her clinic where she consulted patients of different cases: obesity, renal problems,dialysis,hypertension, cardiovascular disorders, diabetes type 1&2 , some types of cancers, PCOs…

And many other conditions such as pregnancy,lactation, childhood obesity  adolescents eating disorders …

Dr Matta is well known for her success stories where each person can loose weight fast and safe. She implemented new strategies of loosing weight, all her treatments are personalized and tailored to each one’s daily need.

And she created a new protocol for the maintenance so she can guarantee results for long time.

Dr Matta has always been interested in raising health awareness, the reason why she is so active on social media and she has her own TV show on MTV and hala london tv as well where she discusses all topics related to diet and healthy living.

Dr Matta implemented a new online platform for consulting patients all over the world.

Dr Matta collaborated with well renowned clinic in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Lately ,she created her own line of fitness,health, beauty and sports supplements Vie by Dr.V.

Moreover, Dr Matta is consulting patients through the metaverse hospital based in california.