Get Your Youthful Skin Back With A Face Art Treatment by Dr. Jaffer Khan

Did you know that every inch of skin is made up of 19 million skin cells, 650 sweat glands, 20 blood vessels, and 1000 nerve endings? Yes, your skin is that concentrated.

Skin is the largest organ of our body, and clearly the most visible one. Any imbalance in the body can show clear signs on the skin; acne, hyperpigmentation, pimples, allergies, and whatnot. Consulting dermatologists for the right treatment can help treat the health, function, and beauty of the skin, through every stage of life.

Nevertheless, finding the right dermatologist can be a great hassle, even in the fast-paced metropolitan city of Dubai. This emirate is a booming cosmetic industry with numerous face art treatments in place. However, making the right pick can require research for some. This means that the right dermatologist should have the education, experience, certifications, trends, and knowledge of skin type to become the right choice.

While there are numerous leading plastic surgeons in the Dubai cosmetic industry, one name that surpasses them all is Dr. Jaffer Khan. Coupled with experience and dedication, he can deliver the best possible skin results to the patients.

Dr. Jaffer Khan

Dr. Jaffer Khan is a Medical Director and Founder at Aesthetics International. His extensive education and experience took him from Cork University Hospital to additional extensive training at St. Bartholomew‘s and the Royal London Hospitals, where he worked with leading experts.

In addition to this, he has a number of scientific publications and several international presentations to his name. Talking about his study areas, it includes breast and body contouring, as well as aesthetic and reconstructive surgeries of several body parts.

Most importantly, Dr. Jaffer Khan has earned reputable recognition in the cosmetic industry beyond borders. In doing so, he is able to expand and attract numerous high-caliber surgeons with established practices, thereby laying the foundation of Aesthetics Clinic and The Nova Clinic. Together with their expertise, they are able to cover a major chunk of cosmetic treatments. This assures the patients that they get quality treatment and after-care services. To put it simply, Dr. Jaffer Khan remains a trustworthy option for all.

Face Art Treatment by Dr. Jaffer Khan

Sneak Peek : Face Art by Dr Jaffer Khan

As someone who wants to improve their skin quality and get rid of all that dullness might already have come across numerous types of surgical and non-surgical body treatments. The reason being, the aging process already begins towards the end of the 20s. For some, it might be thinner skin, losing plumpness, or any other skin problem. With the specially designed non-surgical Face Art Treatment by Dr. Jaffer Khan, the skin not only regains skin firmness but also restores balance for a firmer and younger look.

Get to Know the Procedure

Face Art Treatment incorporates a combination of fillers and anti-aging injections. The quantities and serums of these injections vary from patient to patient, making it a custom-designed procedure for everyone. Depending upon the need, these injections are able to restore the volume in cheeks, and temporal areas around the eyes, lips, and chin.

In addition to adding volume and slight puffiness, this technique also reduces wrinkles and prevents overactivity of muscles that can create a lifting effect. In all, it helps patients restore their youthful appearance, balancing the features and subtle enhancements to augment their facial looks.

Knowing The Injection Types

Face Art Treatment involves Hyaluronic Acid-based dermal fillers into the skin. Hyaluronic Acid, or simply HA, is a naturally occurring substance that is already present in the skin. It makes the skin look ample and hydrated. However, as the skin ages, the HA levels in our skin reduces over time. Once the injection is injected, a soft gel is applied on the skin, for results that last 12 months.

When treated, these dermal fillers are applied on many areas like lips, under eyes, nose, cheek, chin, around the nose, and mouth. Although there are three different types of anti-wrinkle injections used predominantly, differences exist in their formulations. Regardless of these variations, all of the products are FDA approved and continue to deliver their effectiveness for years.

Additional Treatments

Face Art Treatment by Dr. Jaffer Khan also comes with some complimentary skincare options to deliver the desired and impeccable results. These include Cryotherapy, as devised by Dr. Jaffer Khan himself. Here’s a look at this procedure in detail:


The Face Art Treatment is complimented by a cold therapy session called “Cryotherapy” on the face. This works to reduce any inflammatory signs on the skin and also speed up the recovery process. thereby helping the skin to anti-age and rejuvenate back again.

The application of this treatment helps to increase the skin quality, volume, and strength back again.

Recovery Time

While there is no downtime to face art treatment, and one can get back to their daily activities, it is recommended to take some care after the treatment. This means avoiding gym and sports activities as well as the application of makeup for up to 24hours after the treatment.

Once the swelling and redness ends, one can see some visible results. These outcomes and experiences vary from person to person and skin types. However, as a skin expert, Dr. Jaffer ensures that his face art treatments work out in the best possible way for you.

An Alternative to Skincare or Not!

You must be wondering whether getting a face art treatment is an alternative to your everyday skincare routine or not. Well, the answer is definitely a no. The reason being that even if you do your best to stay hydrated, and eat a healthy diet, it cannot repair the damage already caused and bring the skin back to its truest form. It doesn’t mean that these practices aren’t effective either. In fact, they help to sustain results. But, getting a skin treatment is imperative to remedy the effects.

Putting it simply, Face Art Treatment rejuvenates the skin and helps in the treatment of many skin issues. The results of this treatment can be prolonged through a healthy skincare routine. Therefore, it is best to say they can do great when working together.

The Way Forward

Face Art Treatment is a popular non-surgical treatment to give you the flawless and glowing skin that you have always dreamed of. And when you get it from Dr. Jaffer Khan, you can rest assured that the results are going to be extraordinary. So the next time you plan to get a face art treatment, head straight up to Aesthetics International and get the treatment that you deserve.

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