Five Things You Should Know Before Getting Breast Implants

Breast implants, known as breast augmentation Dubai or augmentation mammoplasty, is one of the most common cosmetic procedures performed on women.

Women choose to have breast augmentation surgery for a number of reasons:

  • To enlarge small breasts
  • To restore shape and fullness after breastfeeding or weight loss
  • To boost self-confidence
  • To improve the look of clothes
  • To restore breasts following mastectomies
  • To bring symmetry to uneven breasts

If you are considering breast implants it’s essential that you do your research and select a highly commended and experienced surgeon to perform the procedure. Here are five important facts you should know before having breast augmentation surgery.

1) Implants can be placed beneath the breast tissue or beneath the muscle

Your surgeon will discuss each option with you in detail during your consultation. Implants that are placed beneath the muscle are becoming increasingly popular because many people believe this gives a more natural appearance. Another benefit of placing implants underneath the muscle is that they are less likely to obscure mammogram images. There is also some evidence that this option is less likely to result in the implants hardening over time.

2) They can be made of silicone or saline

The outer shell of breast implants is made of silicone, but since 2006 the filling can be made of either salt water (saline) or silicone gel. Significant improvements have been made in breast implant technology over the past decade, and the FDA has concluded that both silicone and saline varieties are safe. Your doctor will discuss the pros and cons of each during your consultation.

3) They can be smooth or textured

Breast implant shells are produced in two different ways according to patient preference. Smooth implants are soft and uniform, allowing for more movement which many people feel gives a more natural look. Textured implants are specially coated to create a larger surface area in which the capsule is able to grow inside them. This results in a firmer effect with less movement.

4) It’s a major operation

Breast enlargement is a significant procedure which is usually performed under general anaesthetic and takes between 60 and 90 minutes. After the operation you will probably feel groggy and disoriented, and you will need to stay at the clinic until you have been formally discharged.

Following the procedure it is important to follow your surgeon’s advice and make sure you don’t do anything strenuous for the next few weeks. The risk of complications are greatly reduced in patients who get proper rest and don’t overdo things after surgery.

5) There can be complications

Some pain and redness in the days immediately following breast augmentation surgery and can be managed with pain killers and bed rest. However, some complications can occur, including capsular contracture, malposition, rupture, infection and anaplastic large cell lymphoma. It’s absolutely imperative that you only choose a reputable surgeon who is willing to answer any questions you may have and conducts their work in a sterile environment.

We are highly experienced in breast augmentation surgery, having performed thousands of successful procedures over the years. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any further questions or wish to arrange a consultation.

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