Get an Early Start to Your Eid Prep this Year with our Ramadan Offers!

The holy month of Ramadan is just around the corner, and the preparations are in full swing. While you are preparing for the lavish iftar dinners, don’t forget that during this time of the year, amidst all the festivities and celebrations, your skin is prone to get neglected. During this holy month, not many people have the time to pay attention to their skin. Thus, it can lose its glow and sheen. And wrinkles may start appearing as well.

So, if you want to look your best on Eid day or during the iftar dinners, it’s advised that you start your prep as early as possible. And there can be no better way of doing that than making use of amazing Ramadan offers by Aesthetics International.

Ramadan Offers by Aesthetic International

Being a leading center for cosmetic and plastic surgery in Dubai, Aesthetics International aims to go above and beyond the set standards and provide those seeking skin rejuvenation and other plastic/cosmetic treatments with the best services. Take a look at the discounted rates of cosmetic surgeries during our Ramadan Offers that will be performed by renowned specialists, including Dr. Jaffer Khan and Dr. Zara Yousufzai:

Anti-aging Injections at AED 799

If you want to have wrinkle-free skin, anti-aging injections make for the best option. A popular treatment that reduced the signs of aging, it can also eliminate facial creases.

Who Can Get Anti-Aging Injections?

Anyone can get these injections without worrying about any risk if they enjoy good health. However, pregnant women and nursing mothers are advised against getting these treatments.

Furthermore, those who suffer from skin disorders and weakness around the targeted areas, deep facial and ptosis are not suitable candidates for this treatment. If you suffer from or have suffered from any of these issues in the past, make sure to convey it to the specialist at Aesthetics International during the initial consultation.

What is the Procedure of Getting Anti-Aging Injections?

The procedure for getting these injections is fairly simple and straightforward. And it doesn’t consume a lot of time as well. The Aesthetic expert will use a small needle for this purpose. You will only feel minor discomfort during this treatment. And there will be no requirement for anesthesia. The results will start to appear within 7-14 days.

How Long Do the Effects Last?

You can enjoy the benefits of this treatment for 3 to 6 months. After this period, the effects will start to subside as the wrinkles and lines will start to reappear, however, with less intensity and severity.

Anti-Aging Injections Offer at Aesthetics International

As part of our Ramadan offers, you can get these injections on the full forehead for AED 799 only.

Filler (Any Area) for AED 900

Getting injectable dermal fillers is a non-surgical procedure that offers immediate and long-lasting results. In this procedure, gel-like substances are used to restore the lost volume of the skin. It is a popular anti-aging and skin smoothening procedure that requires no downtime nor incisions on the face.

Who Can Get Dermal Fillers?

Any person who wants to have wrinkle and crease-free skin can opt for this treatment. However, if you suffer from an extreme allergy or any other ailment, it’s best to discuss it with the consultant beforehand to know if you make a good candidate for dermal fillers.

What is the Procedure for Getting Dermal Fillers?

The procedure starts with cleaning the treatment area. Then, then the aesthetics expert will inject the dermal filler beneath the skin of the selected area that could be lips, jaw, chin, under-eyes, cheeks or nose.

The results start to appear immediately after the procedure. However, there can be a little bruising and swelling as well. These issues are temporary and subside after a few days of the treatment.

How Long Do Fillers’ Effects Last?

Typically, the results of dermal fillers last for 4 to 6 months. However, they vary from patient to patient and the type of fillers they have received.

Fillers Offer at Aesthetics International

You can get fillers on any area for AED 900 as part of our Ramadan offers. However, this offer is for 1ml fillers. If more than 1ml is required, standard charges will apply.


A bio-remodeling treatment, Profhilo cures and fills wrinkles while also rejuvenating the skin. Furthermore, it treats skin laxity and adds weightless volume to the skin to give a more youthful appearance. This treatment is known to produce great results. It can be further combined with aesthetic treatments such as cryotherapy or anti-aging injections for even better, long-lasting results.

Who Can Get Profhilo?

Anyone over 30 years of age can get Profhilo to eliminate the signs of aging. However, in the case you have a medical history, it should be brought to the notice of the aesthetics expert during the consultation session.

What is the Procedure of Getting Profhilo?

This treatment works by hydrating the skin deeply. It is categorized among products that contain the highest HA concentration (64mg/2ml). The entire treatment takes place in two sessions that are held four weeks apart. During the procedure, Profhilo is injected beneath the surface of the skin. It then disperses quickly and improves hydration. There’s no requirement for massaging the treatment area. You can get this treatment on your face, neck, knees, arms or hands.

How Long Do Profhilo’s Effects Last?

Profhilo results can last for 6 months to up to one year. However, it depends on the individual getting it and the condition of their skin as well.

Profhilo Offers at Aesthetics International

A single session for full face for 2ml Profhilo is available at AED 1300. For two sessions, the discounted charges are AED 2500.

A Final Word

These Ramadan offers by Aesthetics International are perfect for you to get a glowy, shiny and wrinkle-free skin that you can flaunt with panache this Eid. So, book your appointment now as these offers are valid only till 20th April. You will also get a free consultation from our most reputable and experienced cosmetic and plastic surgeons in Dubai.

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