Laser Resurfacing Treatments: Top Facts You Need to Know Before Making an Appointment

The aesthetics industry has witnessed a major revolution in recent years. The stigmas are breaking, and people today are more willing than ever to expose themselves to cosmetic treatments in the pursuit of getting flawless skin.

A range of treatments and techniques are now available all over the world. Among them, laser resurfacing treatments enjoy unrivaled popularity. These procedures treat skin irregularities, reduce signs of aging, and leave behind spotless skin with a newfound glow and sheen. They work by directing short and concentrated pulsating beams of light into the target area(s) to remove skin layer by layer.

What to Know Before Getting Laser Resurfacing Treatments?

The abundant benefits of laser resurfacing treatments tempt many people to book an appointment at the earliest. However, before you do this, take a look at some important facts about laser resurfacing treatments that everyone should know:

Different Types of Laser Treatments

There are different types of laser options used by practitioners to treat a range of issues. Knowing about them will help you select the right one for your skin. Some of the major ones among them are:

Ablative Treatments

It is a type of laser that resurfaces the skin’s top layer intentionally. This allows the skin to produce new and healthy cells. It is mostly considered suitable for those dealing with wrinkles or skin texture issues.

Fractional Laser Treatment

It works by stimulating collagen production in the skin. Fractional laser treatment doesn’t resurface the entire skin. Instead, it treats small pixel areas. This means that there are untreated sections of skin next to treated sections. The benefit of following this approach is that it results in quick healing.

Microlaser Peel

Mirolaser peel is a less invasive procedure. It is more suitable for those fine lines, hyperpigmentation, or slight sun damage.

You Can Combine Them with Other Treatments to Achieve Optimal Results

Laser resurfacing treatments can prove to be quite useful on their own. They can help to minimize wrinkles and fine lines, improve skin texture, and reduce dark spots. However, in some cases, their results can be further enhanced by combining them with other aesthetic or cosmetic treatments.

For instance, those getting facelift treatment often combine it with laser treatment since the former doesn’t do much to improve skin quality or texture. By combining it with a laser resurfacing treatment, they can get a more rejuvenated look all over. Similarly, these procedures can be combined with injectables and fillers.

Laser Resurfacing Treatments May Require Some Downtime

It’s widely believed that laser resurfacing treatments do not require downtime. The patient can resume their routine activities right after getting the treatment. However, it may not be true in all cases.

The reality is that every person is different; therefore, they react differently to the treatment. Some recover quickly without any downtime, while for others, a brief downtime is required. Similarly, the type of laser treatment you’re getting also impacts the downtime. For instance, re:pair laser treatment is intense as compared to Fraxel re:pair. Thus, it requires more downtime that can last for a week. The tradeoff is that you get a dramatic outcome that makes it worth all the waiting time.

Laser Treatments are not Alternative to Plastic Surgeries

Plastic surgeries and laser treatments are as opposite as chalk and cheese. So, it’s wrong to assume that the latter is an alternative to the former. As a matter of fact, you can get laser resurfacing treatments to enhance the result of plastic surgeries. An example of facelift surgery with the combination of laser treatment is already discussed above.

Laser Resurfacing Treatments Are Quick

Regardless of the type of laser resurfacing treatment you have selected, you will be free from the clinic in about half-hour. At times, the procedure takes even less than 30 minutes. Furthermore, it causes little to no discomfort. Still, some patients choose to get a topical anesthetic to numb the area so that they do not feel even the slightest discomfort during the treatment.

You May Need Multiple Sessions

Generally, laser resurfacing treatments require multiple sessions to produce the desired results. However, since the procedure is quick and doesn’t require a lot of time, it’s safe to get more than one session.

Final Verdict: Is Laser Resurfacing Worth It?

It most certainly is! Whether you are dealing with acne issues or have other skin irregularities, laser skin resurfacing can help you deal with these issues and leave you with rejuvenated and refreshed skin. Book your appointment at Aesthetics International now to get laser resurfacing treatments from the most experienced doctors.

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