Lip Fillers Types

Lip fillers, a non-surgical procedure designed to add volume and definition to the lips, offer a safe and immediate solution for enhancing the lips’ shape and appearance to bring your confidence back to you. 

While there are many lip filler techniques, like Russian lips filler, Autologous fat transfer (Fat grafting) and Paris lip filler, there are many lip filler types your dermatologist can use as well; here are some of them:

Hyaluronic Acid (HA) Fillers

Hyaluronic acid naturally presents as a component of the extracellular matrix in the human body; HA is a polysaccharide known for its hydrophilic (water-attracting) properties. These characteristics allow HA fillers to provide significant soft tissue augmentation, achieving a noticeable volume increase upon injection. 

How Long Do HA Lip Fillers Last?

HA fillers are temporary yet durable, with effects lasting between 6 to 9 months or sometimes longer, depending on the specific HA product used. Their synthetic, stabilised, non-animal source HA composition eliminates the need for pretreatment skin testing and reduces the risk of allergic reactions. 

Collagen Fillers

Collagen is a main component of the dermis, constituting 70% to 80% of its structure; it provides the skin with strength, elasticity, and the ability to retain moisture. However, as we age, collagen loss and fragmentation occur, leading to the formation of wrinkles and folds. 

Collagen fillers, derived from bovine, human, or porcine sources, present an effective solution to these age-related changes. 

How Long Do Collagen Lip Fillers Last?

  • Bovine collagen

This filler’s duration in treating areas like the nasolabial folds is between 2 and 6 months.

  • Human collagen

This type lasts from 3 to 7 months. 

  • Porcine collagen

A great type that boasts a longer duration in tissue, approximately 12 months.

Liquid Silicone

Silicone oils, commonly called liquid silicone, have been a staple in cosmetic procedures for over three decades, serving primarily as fillers and sculpturing agents. 

They are particularly valued for soft tissue augmentation and are used in various medical indications. Advocates for the use of silicone highlight that complications often arise not from the material itself but from improper use, such as injections of industrial-grade silicone, excessive volumes, or administration by untrained personnel. 

Extensive clinical documentation supports the effectiveness of liquid silicone in cosmetic enhancements, including more than 17,000 reported cases of facial treatments and numerous instances of lip augmentation. When administered correctly, silicone injections can yield highly satisfactory and sometimes dramatic results.

Fat Injections

Lip augmentation using autologous fat is a technique that relies on the patient’s fat as a natural filler. The procedure begins with administering local anesthesia to the donor sites where fat is harvested and to the perioral regions that will receive the grafts. 

Fat extraction is performed using a large needle and syringe, after which the harvested fat is washed and strained over meshed gauze before being reloaded into syringes for injection. The purified fat is then meticulously injected into the lips through multiple passes using a small needle, creating horizontal tunnels within the lip tissue to ensure even distribution. 

The process requires subsequent injections spaced at least three months apart to achieve optimal results. While lip swelling post-procedure is typically temporary, permanent augmentation is generally achieved after two to three grafting sessions, enhancing the lips’ volume and contour.

Aesthetics International Lip Fillers

At Aesthetics International, we understand the transformative power of beautifully enhanced lips. Our premier lip filler treatments in Dubai are designed to offer full, defined lips that elevate your appearance and boost your confidence! 

However, knowing everything about dermal fillers, including lip filler types, gives you the knowledge you need before getting your lips done and insight into what to expect after the treatment.

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