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Homeopathy is an alternative branch of science in which dilute amounts of certain natural substances are used to treat a variety of ailments. It can be used to treat both acute and chronic conditions. Homeopathy medicines have been developed based on the principle of ‘like cures like’ – which means that a substance taken in small amounts will treat the same symptoms it causes if it was taken in large amounts. This treatment method doesn’t require the services of Plastic surgeons in Dubai or any other specialists. It is completely safe for patients.

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  • The substances used in homeopathy cause the body to heal itself
  • Homeopathic medicines are generally safe and adverse side effects are very rare.
  • Natural medicine, free from toxins
  • Can be applied to various ailments


When you go for a consultation, Dr. Sofie will spend the necessary time getting to know all about you. You will be asked many questions about yourself, your lifestyle, the past health of you and your family and about your illness. After your case has been carefully considered, you will be prescribed a remedy, usually in the form of pills which are easy to take and have a pleasant taste. They are non-toxic and non-habit forming. There will be no requirement to visit any plastic surgeons in Dubai.

Dr. Sofie holds great experience as a counselor for children and adults. She can provide you with guidance free of any religious beliefs and pointers for spiritual enhancement.

The Pathyways/Methods Sofie Skogen uses:

Each pathway/method as used in homeopathy acts as a key to the door of possibility of taking the patient to the next level of healing & recovery.

When treating a patient through homeopathy in Dubai, she may adopt one or more than one pathways. Being a spiritual person, Sofie will guide you in other directions where she will teach you to use more spiritual and mental methods for healing and recovery, or guide you to those methods without prescribing you any remedies.


Children & adults of all ages who are looking to cure the following: Allergies, Asthma, Skin Disorders, Anxiety Disorders, Bipolar disorder, OCD, ADD, PMS, Menopause, Migraines, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Hypertension, IBS, Obesity & Weight issues, Balancing of the hormonal system, Influenza, Common Colds, Hindering of bruising & scarring post-surgery


What can I expect to happen?

Patients often feel a sense of well being and optimism post remedy. Occasionally your symptoms may appear a little worse for a short time. This is a good sign and shows that the remedy is taking effect, soon after which you will begin to feel that recovery is indeed taking place.


Who uses Homeopathy?

Everyone and anyone can benefit from Homeopathy. People are attracted to it because of its gentleness, power and ability to treat everyone as an individual

Does Homeopathy have any side effects?

Homeopathic medicine does not cause any side-effects as it is a natural, safe as well as effective method of healing.


How often do I need to consult with my Homeopathic Physician?

Every individual is unique, however for most acute illnesses you will only be required to consult once. For chronic illnesses it can be more often

*Every patient is a unique individual and every treatment has unique aspects. Therefore no two procedures or rejuvenation treatments will get the exact same results. Individual results vary from patient to patient

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