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With IV drip therapy, patients receive effective hydration, a custom cocktail of vitamins, minerals, and other vital nutrients directly into the bloodstream. With IV Drips there is no waiting for anything to go through the digestive system, so patients receive 100% absorption and nearly immediate results.

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  • Stimulates and increases immune system
  • Encourages cellular repair
  • Accelerates the process of recovery
  • 100% absorption directly to the blood
  • Avoids degradation in the lives
  • Fast acting
  • Scientifically tested
  • Safe and effective
  • Customized for the patients’ needs


Our IV drips offers a number of treatments designed to fit your needs. After your consultation with the doctor, you will be booked in for a package of IV drips suited to your needs and preferences. The treatments are injected intravenously into your system

We offer a wide range of IV nutrition and therapy from aesthetics and dermatology, wellness support, body detoxification, to chronic medical condition supplements:

Anti-Stress and Antioxidant
This is essential to fight against oxidative stress caused by naturally-occurring free radicals.

Amino Acids
An advanced IV Amino Acid Therapy that can tailor-fit your protein requirements. This drip can help relieve chronic fatigue, depression, insomnia, anxiety, addictive disorders, irritable bowel syndrome, and leaky gut.

Energy Boost and Fitness Hydrating Support
This is for those who are energetic and enjoy working out at optimum level. Infused with B vitamin to boost energy levels and, glutamine that increases your ability to secrete human growth hormone, which helps metabolize body fat and support new muscle growth.

Female Balance
This contains high vitamin-mineral and magnesium dose which are essential in balancing hormones and dealing with PMS, dysmenorrhea (painful periods), infertility, pregnancy and weight management issues.

Glowing & Radiant Skin
This is rich in vitamin C and glutathione, which is vital on detoxifying the skin. Not only is glutathione a powerful antioxidant, but it is essential for helping your skin recover from the daily damage caused by sun exposure and great at combating visible signs of ageing.

Hair Regenerate

This is tailored to help the hair look glossy, healthy, and full. It strengthens the hair and helps prevent hair loss. It is infused with essential vitamins and minerals such as b vitamin and zinc to stimulate hair growth.

Vitamin Mix

This is a tailored multi mineral vitamins necessary to make you always feel and look great. With a mix of superantioxidants, immunity booster and detox drips, this will give you a total wellness and prevention of any further disorder.

Gut Healer

This is rich in glutamine and folic acid that is essential for healing the digestion and leaky gut. The L-glutamine in this IV drip is essential for the synthesis of the mucoproteins present in the mucous secretions of the GI tract.


IV Drips are good for those patients who seek energy and suffer from vitamin deficiencies. IV drips support supplementation plans in the best way as absorption goes directly into the blood stream.


Are IV drip infusions safe?

Drips are compounded in a well-maintained sterile facility and are subjected to quality control tests to ensure sterility and absence of fever-causing toxins.


What are the IV drips made of?

Drips contain only pure and bioactive vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

How often should I take the IV drips to see results?

Compared with oral supplementation, IV infusion has faster onset of action in the body. However, noticeable results will not be obtained with just a single infusion.  To obtain visible effects and total wellness, multiple weekly sessions of infusion is recommended which may last for a month or so.


Do I need a consultation?

It is recommended to book a consultation with our family medicine physician prior to receiving your IV drips

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