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Not every skin treatment is suitable for every skin type. The wrong treatment can result in side effects. This is why it is critical to choose the right treatment based on your skin type. And this is where SkinDNA is going to help you. It is a revolutionary procedure that uses your DNA to identify the right skincare ingredients and treatments. This means you can get a treatment perfectly tailored to your skin’s needs and get the desired results.

What is SkinDNA?

SkinDNA is basically a genetic test that uses gene mapping science and advanced proprietary algorithms. As it studies the DNA of the patient, the right treatment options and suitable skin ingredients are identified. To put it simply, it is a type of DNA test that can help uncover the deepest secrets of your skin.

This skin DNA testing technique can identify the following genetic traits:

Collagen Breakdown
SkinDNA test can help to analyze the balance of collagen’s synthesis and degradation process. When collagen breakdown is accelerated, it impacts the appearance of the skin along with deteriorating its ability to heal wounds.

The test analyzes the skin’s genetic protection against glycation. The process of glycation takes place when the skin fibers contain excess glucose. It can lead to an internal reaction, impacting the collagen and elastin proteins, which are vital to maintaining the firmness and elasticity of the skin. When the protection against glycation reduces due to genetic reasons, wrinkles may start to appear on the skin.

Sun Damage & Pigmentation
UV rays emitted by the sun are the biggest culprit of premature signs of aging on the skin, and our genes play a significant role in determining how the skin copes up against these rays. SkinDNA test identifies the skin’s defence against the UV rays. It basically reveals the natural genetic solar protection factor of the skin.

Antioxidant Support
This test helps to determine the skin’s natural defence against toxins, radiations, free radicals, pollutants and other elements that lead to DNA mutation and cellular damage.

Skin Sensitivity
SkinDNA test measures skin’s inflammatory genes that can cause skin senstiivity issues, which are often triggered by certain environmental products, ingredients and perfumes.
At Aesthetics International, we offer SkinDNA test in Dubai. Based on the results of the test, our experienced doctors will recommend you the right skin care treatment. Book your appointment now to get your accurate skin analysis.

Benefits of SkinDNA Test

  • A quick procedure
  • Accurate skin analysis based on DNA
  • Protection against wrong skin treatments & products
  • A pain-free procedure


Skin DNA test is completely pain-free and doesn’t take more than a few minutes. However, doctors usually advise their clients not to drink or eat at least 1 hour before the test is taken.

The sample of DNA, as per this procedure, is collected from the inner cheek of the client. The collected sample is then dispatched to a high-end laboratory for accurate analysis. Generally, the report is available within 7 to 10 days. Based on the results of the test, highly experienced doctors at Aesthetics International can create a treatment plan for you, tailored to your needs to keep your skin youthful and free from wrinkles.


This test is suitable for everyone, irrespective of one’s age and gender. Any individual who wants to know about the genetic breakdown of their skin is an ideal candidate for this skin DNA testing technique as it has no side effects. With the help of this test, you can create a future plan for your skin’s better health and glow.


How accurate are the results of SkinDNA?

SkinDNA can reveal the most accurate information about your skin’s aging process. As this test studies your skin’s DNA, it can help you to determine the genetic risks your skin is facing and which preventive measures you can take to maintain its youthfulness.

How much time does the SkinDNA test take?

The SkinDNA test is very simple, pain-free and quick. It will only take a fraction of your time as a DNA sample will be collected from your inner cheek.

Who can take the SkinDNA test?

Anyone can take a skin DNA test without worrying about the side effects. There are no age restrictions for this procedure. However, it is recommended to get it at a young age so that you can plan for your skin’s future in a better way.

How is SkinDNA different from other skin analysis tests?

This particular test is different from other skin analyses as it studies DNA. Unlike other tests, it analyzes the skin to understand its genetic makeup. It can help you to plan for your skin’s future. 

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