Brazilian Butt Lift in Dubai (Gluteoplasty Surgery)

Losing a lot of weight certainly has many perks and can help you achieve the body figure you had always dreamed of. However, it may leave you with flat buttocks, which can impact your overall look. Clothes won’t fit you perfectly, giving you an unflattering appearance. The solution to this problem lies in getting Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery in Dubai. This surgery is also suitable for those who have naturally asymmetrical buttocks. Through this process, they get a more enhanced rear and overall attractive appearance.

Brazilian butt lift surgery in Dubai

What is Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery?

The Brazilian Butt Lift, medically known as Gluteoplasty, is a cosmetic procedure that removes the fat from the troubled areas of the body, such as the tummy and thighs, and transfers it to the buttocks. Many people undergo this treatment to get the perfect shape and proportion of their buttocks. It is mostly suitable for those who want to have a curvier physique and want to enhance the appearance of their backside. The procedure can be chosen by anyone with flat, saggy, small, or disproportionate buttocks as a result of major weight loss, aging, or pregnancy.
At Aesthetics International, our highly-skilled, speciality-trained surgeons use our patented technology to pluck the fat cell by cell from unwanted areas to perform the best Brazilian butt lift surgery in Dubai. Our highly experienced and skilled doctors have access to the state-of-the-art tools and equipment to perform Brazilian Butt Lift and a range of other surgical procedures in a risk-free and safe method. Book your appointment now!

Benefits of Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery

The biggest benefit of Brazilian Butt Lift surgery is it helps to contour your body since you lose fat from areas you don’t want and put it where you do. Furthermore, it helps you get a youthful appearance as your buttocks will become smoother and tighter. They will become more balanced with the body frame. Besides that, some of the major advantages of Brazilian Butt Lift surgery are:

  • Improved body proportions and symmetry
  • Reduced fat pockets in the body
  • A natural look & feel
  • Quick results
  • A comparatively safe procedure
Brazilian butt lift in Dubai
BBL in Dubai - Gluteoplasty Surgery

Who Can Get Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery?

Earlier, Brazilian Butt Lift surgery was popular among celebrities and wealthy people only. Now, thanks to the widespread popularity and advancement in cosmetic techniques, people from all walks of life are getting Brazilian butt lift surgery to enhance their appearance and feel more confident about themselves. However, they have to meet the eligibility criterion in order to get this procedure. This includes:

  • Having disproportionately small buttocks
  • Having flat or shapeless buttocks
  • Facing difficulty fitting into clothing and swimwear
  • Having excess fat deposits covering different areas of their body such as the abdomen, waist, hips, and lower back that obscure curves

Brazilian Butt Lift in Dubai – The Procedure

Initial Consultation and Preparation

Like other surgeries, the Brazilian Butt Lift procedure also starts with an initial consultation. The purpose of this session is to ensure all the concerns of the patient are cleared, and the doctor gets to access their condition and medical history. For this, the patient may be required to undergo a few tests. Also, the patient’s desired outcomes are discussed during this session.

The doctor will also take into account if you want to combine it with any other surgery. Normally, people tend to combine Brazilian Butt Lift with Tummy Tuck surgery. You can also combine it with Breast Augmentation for a more contoured look. It all depends on your requirements and the type of look you desire to have.

Once it is established that the patient is fit to get this surgery, the doctor gives them pre-surgery preparation guidelines. This includes maintaining a consistent weight until the surgery and avoiding overeating, going on a strict diet, or using nicotine products, medications and supplements that are blood thinners. Furthermore, the patient is recommended to eat healthy foods and drink plenty of water before the surgery to regulate the digestive system and help the body fight off infections. They are asked not to eat or drink the night before the surgery as it is not safe to have food or liquid in the stomach. Usually, all alcoholic beverages, dairy products, and solid foods should be avoided at least 8 hours before the surgery.

Surgery Technique

At Aesthetics International, there are three steps involved in this method: removing fat from unwanted areas on the body, purifying the fat, and injecting the fat into the buttocks. A combination of liposuction, liposculpting, cannula suction and small incisions make up the entire procedure from start to finish.

Before the surgery, your surgeon will give you general or local anesthesia. Then, they will remove all the fat from the areas such as the abdomen, hips, flanks (love handles), or thighs. The next step is purifying the harvested fat to extract the healthiest fat cells. Once the fat is ready, the surgeon relocates it to the butt, focusing on specific areas to modify the shape and increase volume.

Recovery and Post-surgery Guidelines

After the procedure of Gluteoplasty, patients may experience some bruising and swelling. In case they experience any discomfort or pain, doctors at Aesthetics International prescribe some medicines. Patients are also prescribed medicines before the surgery to reduce the chances of any pain and discomfort arising from the procedure.

Depending on the nature of the job, most patients may go back to work within 10 to 14 days. Patients are required to wear a supportive compression garment for 6 to 8 weeks. Applying pressure to the buttocks can compromise the success of the fat graft, so you must always use a pillow when sitting during the first 8 weeks. Brazilian Butt Lift results tend to look very natural, making most recipients grateful they opted for the procedure.

Expected Results of Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery

The outcome of Brazilian Butt Lift surgery is a curvier physique and a well-defined posterior. Your clothes will fit you better as well. However, it may take some time for the actual results to show. Once the surgery is completed, some of the injected fat dissolves, so don’t worry if your butt looks larger than you’d anticipated at first. As your body heals and 15-35% of the fat dissolves, your end results become more apparent.


Yes. Since it is a surgical procedure where the subcutaneous fat from other parts of the body is taken and grafted to the buttocks using liposuction, the patient needs to be administered anesthesia. It could either be general or local; your surgeon shall inform you of that.

Many factors impact the final cost of Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery in Dubai. Some of the major ones are the patient’s age, health, also the clinic where you decide to get the Brazilian Butt Lift. Contact experts at Aesthetics International to get an estimate of the cost.

Although only a portion of fat is injected into the backside that is absorbed naturally by the body, you can have a shaped butt that can last for many years. The fat cells that are extracted from areas such as the thighs and stomach do not regenerate in the treated area. About 60 – 80% of the injected fat cells survive the transfer. This surgery does not require touch-ups.

Brazilian Butt Lift is typically performed under general anesthesia. This is to ensure that you do not feel any pain during the procedure. However, there may be pain post-surgery, which can be managed with prescription pain medication.

Getting a Brazilian Butt Lift surgery from Aesthetics International won’t leave you with any noticeable scarring, as the procedure only involves minor incisions. These incisions are typically placed in areas where they can’t be seen. If you still have scars, our doctors can offer any additional treatments designed to fade the appearance of surgical scars.

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