Breast Implant Removal in Dubai

Getting breast implants is one of the most popular procedures performed worldwide. Many women get them to enhance their appearance and boost self-confidence. However, changes to implants can occur over time. Revision surgery for breast implant removal in Dubai is typically performed on those patients who have experienced implant rupture, capsular contracture, rippling, sagging due to aging, asymmetrical results, pregnancy, gravity and weight fluctuations.


What is a Breast Implant Removal Surgery?

A breast implant removal surgery or breast revision is generally offered in cases where the implant has been ruptured, capsular contracture has occurred, or if the patient is no longer happy with the size or shape. In some cases, breast implants are removed and replaced through re-augmentation, intending to restore breast contour and a youthful appearance. Women who are unhappy with their current shape and size of implants can also benefit greatly from breast revision surgery.

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Benefits of Breast Implants Removal

Breast implants removal can make you feel at ease if implants have become a source of discomfort for you. It can also help you get clear mammograms results as, in some cases, breast implants may affect them. Furthermore, implants can also cause capsular contracture. In such a situation, getting implants removed can provide almost instant relief from pain. If the implants are bigger in size, neck or back pain will also get alleviated. It is a complication-free surgery that shows promising results.

Breast Implant Removal
Breast implant removal in Dubai

Who Needs Breast Implant Removal Surgery?

If you are unhappy or discontent with the newly achieved shape or size of the breasts after getting breast augmentation surgery, you can consider getting them removed surgically. Apart from cosmetic reasons, breast implant removal surgery becomes a necessity due to medical reasons for some people. For example, in some cases, the scar tissue around the implants hardens, resulting in a condition called capsular contracture that causes pain and discomfort.

Moreover, this condition may also change the appearance of breasts. In such a situation, breast implant removal in Dubai can help treat this issue. The doctor may also recommend this surgery to treat anaplastic large cell lymphoma (BIA-ALCL), which is a rare cancer of scar tissue around the implant. Calcium buildup, shifting, and leaking of implants are other reasons that can lead to one getting breast implant removal surgery.

Procedure of Breast Implant Removal in Dubai

Initial Consolation

An initial consultation session takes place between the doctor and the patient before the surgery. During this session, the doctor goes through the medical history of the patient and conducts a thorough assessment. The patient’s reason for getting implants removed are discussed during this session as well. Furthermore, they also address any questions or concerns the patient may have about the procedure. Another purpose of conducting this session is to go through the associated risks and discuss the desired outcomes. If the patient requires a breast re-augmentation procedure post-implant removal, the doctor can use Crisalix 3D imaging Software, an advanced system to create a 3D image.


The breast removal surgery begins by giving the patient anesthesia to numb the pain and discomfort caused by making incisions. Then, they make incisions based on these implant removal types:

Breast Implant Removal

Some patients who had their initial implants when they were younger in particular, would prefer to have complete breast implant removal. Furthermore, factors of life that include pregnancy, hormones and weight changes mean that breasts no longer look aesthetically pleasing. In this case, simple implant removal will suffice.

Implant Removal & Breast Lift

Depending on skin laxity, some patients experience deflated breasts once the implant has been removed. In this case, it may be necessary to have a breast implant removal with a breast lift.

Breast Implant Removal & Re-augmentation

Some patients are unhappy with their size and wish to go either larger or smaller than their current size. In these cases, breast implant removal with re-augmentation can help restore volume and fullness once the implant has been removed. Many patients will also opt for a breast lift.

Post-surgery Care

Once the breast implant removal surgery is performed, you can expect to feel considerable soreness in the breast area. You will have to wear a surgical/sports bra in order to provide the needed support to the breasts post-surgery. It is recommended to refrain from performing strenuous activities that may involve the breast muscle. Furthermore, Furthermore, you should limit strenuous activity during the healing phase.

Expected Results of Breast Implant Removal

Once you have had your breast implants removed, your breasts will initially look deflated and it can take 2-3 weeks for breasts to regain their volume. If you’ve also had a breast re-augmentation, expect final results to appear after three months. It is important to follow your doctor’s guidelines to minimize post-surgery complications. If you feel consistent pain, it’s recommended to pay a visit to your surgeon.


Yes, the breast implant removal surgery leaves scars at the site of incisions. However, they diminish with the passage of time, depending on the natural healing process of the patient. In most cases, they look like fine incision lines after one year of the surgery.

The patient is given anesthesia; thus, they do not experience pain or discomfort during the treatment. However, you are likely to feel considerable soreness and tightness in the beginning post-surgery, which can be relieved with pain medication.

You must not smoke as it can greatly impair your safety prior to surgery and your ability to heal following surgery.

Generally, the surgery takes between one and three houses, depending on various factors, such as excess scar tissue, rupture or leakage. However, be mindful that since it’s a surgical procedure, you will have to spend a few hours in the hospital/clinic for recovery.

It varies from clinic to clinic. Furthermore, various other factors, such as the experience of the doctor, type of surgery technique, the reason to get surgery, etc., also impact the breast implant removal surgery cost in Dubai.

Your breasts will have a fluffy look initially. This means they will be flatter and deflated. Also, they may look slightly caved. However, their appearance improves over time, but some patients may require a breast lift treatment if their breasts become too loose post-surgery.

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