Dead skin cells, impurities and pollutants in the skin, stress, and the onset of aging can make our skin dull and devoid of its natural sheen. This can impact not only your appearance but confidence as well. While you can temporarily cover up this dull skin with cosmetic products before heading out to an event, for a lasting effect, choose DMK Enzyme Therapy Facial in Dubai. It is a one-of-its-kind facial that delivers outstanding results, which include strengthening and tightening the skin while improving its natural glow.

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What is DMK Enzyme Therapy Facial?

DMK Enzyme Therapy Facial, more popularly known as ‘Game of Thrones Facial’, helps with restoring healthy skin as it effectively gets rid of dead cell materials. It also tightens and detoxifies the skin by removing impurities.  This results in a youthful and glowing appearance, free from undesired scars and signs of aging.

This non-invasive facial treatment follows the reverse osmosis technique. The process includes the removal of toxic fluids from the cell membrane. This way, the body gets rid of impurities and dead cells trapped within the skin while only the white substance is retained. It harnesses the strength of enzymes, which are living substances present in our body, serving the function of regulating our health. Enzymes work along with specific minerals in order to create a natural system of antioxidants. They also help strengthen the skin’s structural integrity and create a healthy environment for our cells to thrive.

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Benefits of DMK Enzyme Therapy Facial

What sets DMK Enzyme Therapy Facial apart from other facial procedures is its ability to work within the skin instead of only targeting the surface. Besides that, it treats numerous skin concerns, which makes it more than just a typical facial. Some of the major benefits of DMK Enzyme Facial include:

  • A non-invasive treatment
  • Quick and effective results
  • Helps to unclog pores
  • Treats acne and pigmentation
  • Reduces visible scars
  • Strengthens and tightens the skin
  • Detoxifies the skin
  • Restores oxygen in the skin
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No matter what type of skin you have, you can reap the multitude of benefits offered by DMK Enzyme Therapy Facial. It has proven to be effective in treating acne, dehydrated skin, enlarged pores, rosacea, and pigmentation. However, it’s important to consult your dermatologist before getting treatment to ensure you’re the right candidate for DMK Enzyme Therapy Facial.

DMK Enzyme Therapy Facial – The Complete Procedure

For this treatment, the dermatologist uses certain products which penetrate the skin’s deeper layers. The process of DMK Enzyme Therapy Facial in Dubai starts with an initial consultation session between the patient and one of our experienced dermatologists. During this session, both the patient and the dermatologist discuss various aspects of the treatment, such as the former’s eligibility, expected results, etc. In addition, it also includes a skin examination of the patient by the dermatologist. A health check is also conducted for the patient’s overall wellness

Once it’s established that the patient is the right candidate for DMK Enzyme Facial Therapy, the actual treatment begins that targets three body systems, including the lymphatic system, skin’s blood vessels, and facial muscles. It starts off with a deep pore cleanse, which is followed by a mild peel. Then, the dermatologist applies the masks on the skin. It is removed after 45 minutes leaving behind a plasmatic effect (skin’s oxygenation).

The Expected Results of DMK Enzyme Facial Therapy

The results of DMK Enzyme Facial Therapy include healthy skin with a natural glow and sheen. As it stimulates collagen production, you will see a noticeable improvement in skin quality and texture. Furthermore, there will be a unique pulsating effect, which is caused by bringing vital nutrients and fresh oxygen to the skin. This also improves the health of the cells, which, in turn, enhances the skin quality.

It is recommended to avoid the sun for a minimum of 72 hours after treatment. Make sure to apply sunscreen when heading out. Avoiding heavy lifting and exercise for at least two weeks after getting DMK Enzyme Therapy is also recommended since these practices help to improve the results. Also, quitting smoking for at least three weeks will prove to be beneficial for you.


Yes, the treatment is absolutely safe, no matter what your skin type is. However, we recommend getting a detailed checkup by our experienced dermatologist to ensure you’re the ideal candidate for this treatment.

The cost of DMK Enzyme Therapy Facial in Dubai depends on different factors, including the skin condition, the experience of the doctor, and the clinic you’re getting it from. At Aesthetics International, you can expect to get the best DMK Enzyme Therapy Facial in Dubai at rates that won’t burn a hole in your pockets. You can inquire about this facial price during the initial consultation.

No, the process isn’t painful. There are no incisions involved; therefore, you won’t even need the application of anesthesia.

There are no serious complications or side effects associated with DMK Enzyme Therapy Facial. Having said that, you may experience redness discoloration, swelling, bruising, and scarring post-treatment. These are temporary effects that subside on their own quickly.

Generally, the results of this treatment last for a minimum of one week.

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