Face Art in Dubai

As we age, the physical manifestations of this process begin to show as early as the late 20s. This happens due to our skin becoming thinner, losing fat, & losing plumpness. Skin firmness begins to decrease because of intrinsic factors such as genetics and natural aging but also extrinsic factors like sun exposure, smoking and stress. Face Art treats aging but also subtly restores balance to the features of a younger face.


What is Face Art Treatment?

A combination of both fillers and anti-aging injections, the Face Art treatment is custom designed for every patient. This treatment allows you to restore volume in the temporal areas around the eyes, cheeks, lips and chin. It also reduces wrinkles and restricts the overactivity of some facial muscles in order to create a lifting effect. With the help of this treatment, you will be able to restore youthful features as subtle enhancements will be made.

This treatment is performed by the CEO and founder of Aesthetics International, Dr. Jaffer Khan. He is a highly experienced plastic & reconstructive surgeon who has numerous scientific publications and several international presentations to his name. He leads a team of highly competent and skilled doctors and surgeons who perform a range of invasive and non-invasive treatments. So, if you’re looking for Face Art treatment in Dubai, book your appointment at Aesthetics International!

Benefits of Face Art

Face Art by Dr. Khan combines the benefits of both fillers and anti-aging injections to give patients smooth, clear, and youthful skin. This treatment enhances areas, such as cheeks or temples, where the skin has lost its volume and sheen. Some of its main benefits include:

  • A non-surgical procedure
  • Offers immediate results
  • No downtime
  • Reduces signs of aging
  • Improved appearance and self-confidence
  • Subtle enhancement
  • Customized results
benefits of FACE ART IN DUBAI

Who Can Get Face Art by Dr. Khan?

Usually, face art treatment is for those who have started to show early signs of aging. Those who want to enhance certain parts of their skin can also get this procedure. However, you need to be in good health and have realistic expectations to be able to get this treatment. Patients with certain skin deformities or other health implications are advised against getting this treatment. Dr. Khan will assess your medical history to decide whether you’re a good candidate for Face Art treatment or not.

Face Art by Dr. Khan – The Complete Procedure

Initial Consultation

An initial meeting is arranged between Dr. Khan and the patient before the treatment so that the doctor can assess the patient’s skin and devise a treatment plan tailored to their requirements. The patient’s medical history and other issues are also discussed during this session. Furthermore, the patient can also ask any questions or share their concerns related to the treatment or its outcome during the initial consultation.

The Procedure

Before the procedure starts, the doctor administers anesthesia to make it painless for the patient. Then, they use Hyaluronic-acid based dermal fillers on the selected areas. HA is a naturally occurring substance already present in the skin, which keeps our skin looking supple and hydrated. After that, the doctor uses FDA-approved anti-aging injections to make the skin youthful and vibrant.

Depending on the patient’s requirements, this procedure can be combined with Cryotherapy and HA Facial for further enhanced results.


There is no downtime with fillers & you are free to resume daily activities as normal. We recommend not going to the gym or any sports activities until 24 hours post your treatment. We also recommend not applying make-up directly after your procedure.

Expected Results of Face Art by Dr. Khan

After getting Face Art treatment by Dr. Khan, you can expect to have smooth, vibrant, and youthful skin. There will be no longer wrinkles, fine lines, and other signs that make you look older than you are. Results are seen immediately after the treatment. However, you will incur some redness and swelling post the treatment, which will go away on its own.


The results are temporary, lasting anywhere between 6 – 12 months, depending on the area you have injected.

Some people feel pain and discomfort as this treatment involves injections. This is why doctors administer anesthesia to numb the area and make the procedure painless for the patient.

Not at all! Dr. Khan frequently performs face art on patients in their mid-20s – early 30s who are looking to restore balance to their features, i.e. definition to the jawline and chin, fuller lips.

Every individual is unique; however, generally, it can depend upon the type of filler used, treatment area, and the patient's skin quality.

The cost of Face Art in Dubai depends on the skin condition and areas to be treated. Furthermore, if you are getting other treatments in conjecture with Face Art, the price will increase.

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