Facelift in Dubai

Our facial shape, as well as appearance, is changed because of natural age-related alterations. The skin starts losing its elasticity, and fat deposits start to decompose in targeted areas. This may result in lower face sagging, jowls, & skin loosening on the neck. With Facelift in Dubai, you can have a much younger look with minimized sagging or folds of skin on the cheeks and jawline occurring with age.


What is Facelift?

A Facelift, also known as a ‘rhytidectomy’, is a surgical cosmetic technique clinically performed for aesthetic purposes to give your face a younger look by minimizing the noticeable signs of sagging on the jawline and cheeks. By lifting & tightening the deep facial tissues, the facelift procedure helps a patient look and feel younger. This procedure leaves behind refreshed, tightened, and youthful appearance.

At Aesthetics International, the Facelift surgery is performed by a top-class, highly expert panel of doctors. By utilizing state-of-the-art medical equipment and premium quality applicators, it is assumed that each patient receives excellence in the level of services and results. This indeed makes us the best choice for Facelift in Dubai!

Benefits of Facelift

Facelift surgery offers much more long-lasting results in comparison to other non-surgical options. Most surgeons claim that a facelift or neck lift will last as long as to the period of 8-10 years. Some of the major benefits of facelift treatment include:

  • Boosted confidence
  • Tighter, toned & smooth skin
  • Enhanced definition as well as contours
  • Reduced wrinkles & fine lines
FACELIFT treatment in dubai

Who Can Get Facelift?

Any individual who has obvious effects of ageing on their face can receive a Facelift treatment. With this advanced treatment, ageing effects will be best combatted, and the outcomes will be rewarding in the form of youthful, smoother and radiant skin. People striving with the impacts of sunburn on their skin can also receive this type of skincare facial treatment to get much healthier skin with improved elasticity and escalated texture.

What Does Facelift in Dubai Involve?

Initial Consultation

This surgical procedure starts with an initial consultation in which the doctor assesses and analyzes the patient’s skin to ensure they are an eligible candidate for Facelift surgery. The patient’s medical history is also discussed during this session. Furthermore, the patient can also ask questions or share their concerns pertaining to the treatment method or outcomes during this session.


During the facelift procedure, a flap of skin is heaved back on both sides of the face to stimulate the underlying tissues to be tightened and extra fat discarded and engraved. Any extra skin is then discarded before the skin is returned into shape, sutured and tightened. The doctor performs one of these Facelift types to correct the wrinkling and sagging of the face:

Mini-Facelift (MACS Lift)

MACS lift short for Minimal Access Cranial Suspension), also widely known as the Mini Facelift or Short Scar Lift, is formulated to treat a mild degree of sagging. The procedure for Mini Facelift in Dubai requires just a particular amount of extra skin to be discarded, and there will be only a hidden scar in the fold in the front of the ear and the hairline above the ear, almost invisible in the natural folds.

Standard Facelift

This surgery is more extensive than a MACS lift in Dubai, and a full-length recovery period is required. Incisions lying just behind the hairline, and around the front of the ear, hiding in the natural folds, can help your surgeon to move the deeper tissues underneath the skin and discard extra skin to smooth wrinkles and remove sagging skin beneath the chin.

Post-treatment Care and Guidelines

After surgery, heighten your head as well as shoulders on a 45° angle wedge (with no pillows!) or rest in a reclining chair. It is best to avoid straining of any kind for the initial 5 days. Generally, a traditional facelift requires a few weeks to fully heal. For a mini facelift, the healing time is limited to just a few days. . Overall, the bulk of bruising and swelling lasts around 7 to 10 days. To combat the situation, frequent application of cold compresses is recommended.

Expected Results of Facelift

By getting a Facelift, you can expect to obtain much more radiant skin in just a few days. For more enhanced results, you can combine it with other treatments, such as eyelid surgery. Normally, the results begin to show within just one to two weeks as wrinkles and fine lines become less apparent. Sunspots and freckles scabs consequently fall off. Skin elasticity is also boosted as new collagen is produced. Skincare experts always recommend the use of sunscreen to maintain the results of this facelift for glowing skin.

For enhanced results, you can combine this surgery with anti-aging injections, facial fillers, and blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery).


While it may appear like facelift surgery should be an extremely painful procedure, the truth is that most individuals are amazed at how small discomfort they practical experience.

For most individuals, results from a facelift will last about 10 years.

There are no side effects. However, mild pain on one side of your face or neck within 24 hours of surgery is rarely observed.

In general, the results from your facelift are best visible within 1-6 months and can last till 10-14 years.

Just like other surgical procedures, the Facelift cost in Dubai varies depending on multiple factors, including the skin condition, count of sessions required, your choice of clinic, etc. It is essential to get a quote during the initial consultation session for a clear understanding of the cost of this treatment.

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