Lip Filler in Dubai

Feeling confident in your skin is important to live the best life. This is something every individual deserves. However, with aging and other causes, some people become conscious of their appearance and this impacts their confidence. At Aesthetics International, we have the right solution for them. We understand that fuller, more defined lips can enhance your appearance, give you a luscious smile, and make you feel more confident. This is why we offer the best lip filler in Dubai!

lip fillers in dubai

What are Lip Fillers?

Lip filler is a non-surgical procedure that adds volume to the lips and makes them more defined. It has become a popular treatment over the last few years because of its immediate and lasting results. An injectable gel is used in lip fillers to enhance their shape and appearance. This gel is generally made of hyaluronic acid (HA), which is a naturally occurring substance in the human body. It has hydrating and plumping properties, which are responsible for giving a pouty and fuller appearance.

While lip fillers are usually considered safe, it is important that they should be administered by an experienced medical specialist in a hygienic setting. And for this, you can rely on Aesthetics International. As a premier clinic for lip filler in Dubai, we ensure the highest standards of hygiene and safety during the procedure. Our team of highly trained and experienced practitioners makes sure that satisfying and safe results are delivered. Book your appointment for the best Dubai lip filler treatment!

Benefits of Lip Fillers

Experience the confidence-boosting power of luscious lips with lip fillers treatment. This minimally-invasive procedure will leave you with plump and fuller lips in no time. And the best part? There’s no extensive recovery period or downtime. Take a look at some of its most remarkable benefits:

  • FDA-approved
  • Can be personalized
  • Long-lasting but non-permanent results
  • A quick, effective, and safe treatment
  • Enhance facial appearance
  • Boosts confidence
  • Doesn’t require surgery
  • No extensive downtime or recovery
lips fillers
lip augmentation in dubai

Who Can Get Injectable Lip Fillers?

A cosmetic treatment that enhances the size and shape of the lips, lip fillers have gained a vast amount of popularity in recent years. This treatment is suitable for individuals wanting to achieve fuller, more voluminous lips. However, there are certain considerations for those who want lip filler injections. Generally, this treatment is suitable for:

  • 18 years or older
  • People with good overall health
  • No allergies
  • Non-pregnant or nursing women
  • People with realistic expectations

The Procedure of Lip Fillers in Dubai


The dermal filler treatment at Aesthetics International starts with an in-depth consultation with our expert. We encourage open communication with our patients. So, if you have concerns, questions, or treatment goals, feel free to discuss them during this session. The doctor will also guide you about the procedure and share the expected outcome with you taking into account your specific needs.


At Aesthetics International, we create a relaxing and comfortable environment for our patients. On the day of the treatment, you will be greeted by our experienced doctor who will make the entire process comfortable for you. To ensure this, they will apply a topical numbing cream. This numbs the area so that the patient doesn’t feel any pain or discomfort during the treatment. After that, they will carefully administer the dermal fillers through a series of precise injections. The entire treatment takes somewhere between 30 and 60 minutes, and the patient is ready to resume their routine activities after the procedure is complete without any issues.

Expected Results of Lip Fillers

The results of lip fillers are immediate. This means you will see a noticeable improvement in your appearance once you have left the clinic. Bear in mind that these results are temporary. Your lips will regain their original appearance after a few months of the procedure. However, our doctor can guide you on maintaining the results for the longest possible time.

The treatment comes without extensive downtime. So, you can enjoy your new appearance without worrying about going through a prolonged recovery phase.


Yes, lip fillers are generally considered safe as they are FDA-approved and have a low risk of adverse reactions. However, they must be administered by qualified and experienced professionals for a safe application.

No, the treatment is usually painless because of the application of topical anesthesia. However, you may feel slight discomfort when the content is injected.

It depends on individual factors along with the type of fillers used. Normally, the results of lip fillers last from six months to over a year.

Yes, lip fillers can look natural provided they are administered by a skilled practitioner if they have tailored the treatment plan according to the patient’s requirement.

While lip filler treatments are generally safe, some patients may experience temporary side effects such as swelling, bruising, redness, or tenderness at the injection site. These effects typically resolve within a few days.

Yes, lip fillers can be dissolved using an enzyme called hyaluronidase if adjustments or reversals are necessary.

The cost of lip filler in Dubai can vary depending on the type of filler used, the amount required, and the practitioner's expertise. It is best to discuss it with the doctor during the initial consultation.

The recovery after getting lip filler treatment is generally minimal. Having said that, some patients may experience mild swelling or bruising, which usually resolves within a few days.

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