Liposuction in Dubai

Liposuction in Dubai, commonly called fat removal surgery, happens to be a quick and effective way of getting rid of stubborn fat deposits from the body. This procedure allows for detailed improvements in body contour and is most suited to those who have excess fat deposits that do not respond to diet and exercise. It is also suited to those patients who feel certain areas of their body are out of proportion with their natural features. It basically breaks down the fat, converts them into liquid form, and drains them with the help of a microcannula (small suction tube). Common areas where people can get liposuction include the abdomen, hips, thighs, neck, back, chest, chin, buttocks, flanks, waist, etc.


Why Choose Aesthetics International for Liposuction Dubai?

Aesthetics International is a premier plastic and cosmetic surgery clinic in Dubai where a range of treatments, including the highly popular liposuction Dubai is performed using state-of-the-art equipment. We have a team of highly professional and experienced doctors, led by Dr. Jaffar Khan, who perform a range of surgeries, including liposuction and breast augmentation, and offer the best possible results to our clients. Due to our exceptional services and care, we have become a reliable choice for those seeking cosmetic and body contouring surgeries. Book your appointment now if you want to get liposuction in Dubai by the most experienced doctors.

What are the Benefits of Liposuction?

Many people have stubborn fat in their bodies, which refuses to budge even after a regular workout regime and diet control. The presence of these fatty deposits becomes a major hindrance in achieving a slimmer and fitter look. Liposuction Dubai treatment offers a viable solution to this problem. Some of its most noteworthy benefits include:

  • A proven fat removal surgery that enhances the contour and shape of the body
  • It offers long-lasting results
  • Results do not take a long time to appear
  • It can help to treat issues such as lymphedema, gynecomastia, lipomas and lipodystrophy syndrome
Benefits of Liposuction in Dubai
Fat removal or Fat reduction Treatment (Liposuction) in Dubai

Who Can Get Liposuction?

As liposuction is not a weight-loss treatment, it is not suitable for everyone. One has to meet the eligibility criterion to be able to undergo this surgery. A person who is suffering from certain diseases is advised against getting it since medications can hamper the results of the treatment. To get liposuction, you must be:

  • In a good overall physical and mental health
  • Having around 30% of your desirable weight
  • Non-smoker and not pregnant at the time of surgery
  • Having elastic and firm skin with good muscle tone
  • Having stubborn fat deposits, which do not go away even after a strict fitness regime and diet control
  • Having realistic expectations from the procedure

What Are Liposuction Techniques?

Liposuction involves making incisions at specified areas of the body to remove fat. Doctors, generally, use these two techniques to perform this fat removal surgery:

Suction-assisted Liposuction

Your surgeon will use a vacuum-like device with a cannula to help suck out and remove the fat. The doctor may use the tumescent technique during the procedure. As per this technique, fat cells in the body are infused with a solution containing saline and anesthetic prior to the surgery. This helps to alleviate postoperative swelling and bruising.

Ultrasound-assisted Liposuction

Ultrasound energy helps to break up the fat under the skin, loosens it from the body and further allows for easier removal of fat. This type of liposuction is also known as high definition liposuction or Vaser liposuction. This technique basically uses ultrasonic vibrations that convert fat cells into liquid. It can be done internally or externally.

What is the Procedure for Liposuction in Dubai?

Initial Consultation

Liposuction treatment at Aesthetics International starts with an initial consultation session. During this session, our most experienced plastic surgeon will assess your body and your desired outcome from the treatment. Furthermore, surgery risks will also be discussed with you. You can also enquire how much liposuction costs during this session.

You must share details about any health conditions and allergies you suffer from. Doing this is important as it can impact the outcome of the fat reduction procedure. Similarly, it’s important that you inform them about any medications that you currently use.

Once the doctor has obtained and analyzed all the required details, they will schedule the liposuction surgery for you. They will also inform you about the preparations required for this treatment.


As is the case with any surgical procedure, getting this treatment for fat reduction in Dubai also requires the patient to go through a preparation phase. During this period, there will be some dietary and alcohol-related instructions you must adhere to. Furthermore, you will also be recommended to stop smoking a few days before liposuction surgery. Your doctor will also ask you to stop using certain medications, particularly blood thinners, during the preparation phase.


Although this surgery helps to get a slimmer figure, it isn’t categorized under obesity or weight loss treatments. It is often confused with a tummy tuck; however, both are extremely different body contouring treatments that are performed using different techniques.

Before proceeding with the liposuction surgery, the doctor sedates the patient using local or general anesthesia. The application of anesthesia depends on the treatment area and how much fat needs to be removed from the body.

Once the treatment starts, a small incision is made in the skin. Through this incision, the doctor inserts a cannula (a thin and hollow tube) into the body. The function of this tube is to break up the fat cells that lie underneath the skin with the help of laser pulse, high-frequency vibration or water jet. A special suction device or vacuum is then used to remove the fat cells from the body. The suction tube is moved back and forth in order to loosen the fat and suck it out.

After this fat reduction procedure, the surgeon will close the incision and bandage the treatment area. It will be then wrapped with a garment. This is done to provide support to the treatment area and reduce swelling. Then, the patient is shifted to the recovery room. Their vitals are taken and it is made sure the fat removal surgery went well. The patient is provided with a detailed post-surgery plan to ensure a smooth recovery before they leave the clinic.

Post-surgery Care

It’s normal to feel a little drowsy after liposuction surgery. This is due to the application of anesthesia. Doctors usually prescribe medications to alleviate the pain and discomfort the patient might be facing after getting this treatment. The stitches are removed after five to ten days of the surgery. It is recommended to avoid strenuous activities during the recovery period to ensure quick healing.

Make sure to visit your doctor for follow up sessions. They will examine the condition of incisions and ensure they are healing well. Also, follow their advice and post-surgery care plan to maintain the results of the treatment.

What are the Expected Results of Liposuction?

After getting liposuction Dubai surgery,, expect to have a more contoured and slim figure. The results of this procedure, however, will start to appear once the bruising and swelling has subsided. While the major effects will start to show within 2 to 4 months post-surgery, the final outcome may take up to six months to be fully evident. Once you have fully recovered from the surgery, you will have a more contoured and shapely body.


Liposuction is a surgical procedure designed to remove excess fat from specific areas of the body. It is also commonly referred to as lipoplasty, liposculpture, or simply "lipo." The main goal of liposuction is to improve the body's contour and proportion by targeting areas with stubborn fat deposits that do not respond well to diet and exercise.

With liposuction, you can target the neck, abdomen, tummy, hips, back, flank (love handles), arms and thighs. However, it should be noted that this is directly proportional to the cost you’ll accrue for the overall procedure. This will also result in the target area of the body being subject to incisions and consequential pain, soreness, redness for some time. Therefore, it’s advised that you don’t go to many areas at once.

Liposuction is an invasive procedure that involves surgically removing fat from your body. Once the fat is removed, you are stitched up and prescribed rest for recovery from the wounds and scars. Since the fat that is removed from the body isn’t likely to come back, only new fat can take its place. This is only possible if you don’t follow a proper diet. Therefore, it’s safe to conclude that the results of liposuction are permanent.

Liposuction costs can vary due to various reasons that can involve the number of areas, their sizes and proportions, medical complications that vary with each case, etc. While the best person to guide you is the surgeon you’re getting the procedure from, it’s recommended to only go to someone who’s working in a reputed clinic like Aesthetics International.

As soon as you’re done with the procedure and sent home, you’ll be given a compression garment. This will help reduce the swelling. You need to wear it for at least 6 weeks. During the first few days, you can expect mild pain in the treated area. That’s why you’ll be prescribed painkillers to help you cope with it. After that, you’ll just need to make sure that there are no physical activities that can jeopardize the treated areas.

You should discuss your full medical history with your surgeon as it’s vital to ensure the best results of the procedure. Don’t hesitate to ask your surgeon about their experience, particular expertise, or even the number of procedures they have performed before getting liposuction surgery in Dubai. In addition to this, you should ask them about the type of procedure they’ll go for in your case and the specific precautions you should follow pre-and post-surgery.

The time it takes to perform this surgery depends on the type of surgery and the area. However, usually, the entire process takes somewhere between one and two hours.

The patient is sedated using anesthesia; therefore, they do not feel pain during the procedure. However, the areas that have been treated may feel unusually tight, and patients commonly have bruising and swelling. Pain medication and muscle relaxants are prescribed. To alleviate any discomfort, a cool compress (not cold) may be applied to the treated region.

Yes, incisions made during liposuction leave scars. But, with proper care, they should fade over the months following surgery. Scars are generally refined to fine incision lines one year after surgery.

Liposuction is usually considered a safe procedure that has helped millions of people get rid of unwanted fat from their bodies. Once the procedure is over, many patients return to desk jobs a few days after the procedure, but this may vary. You will be required to wear a compression garment post-surgery which helps to encourage skin contraction and minimize swelling. Stitches are usually removed after 1 week of the surgery.
Walking is essential to prevent the formation of blood clots; however, refrain from weight-bearing or resistance exercises of any kind.

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