Skin Booster Injections in Dubai

Good skin makes you feel confident about yourself. However, with aging, the quality of skin declines as elastin and collagen production disintegrates. This makes the skin look dry, rough, and dull. It is also accompanied by signs of aging, such as loose and saggy skin, wrinkles, and fine lines. These issues can be combated by getting Restylane skin booster injections in Dubai. It uses NASHATM technology and follows a unique approach, which results in smooth skin with enhanced radiance and sheen. This treatment hydrates the skin and brings luminosity to it.


What is Skin Booster Treatment?

Skin booster injections are hydrating microinjections that rejuvenate and restore the skin. It is a revolutionary treatment that aims to keep the skin hydrated while improving its glow and natural radiance. A skin booster treatment is similar to dermal fillers since both contain Hyaluronic Acid that occurs naturally in our body. However, the difference lies in the fact that fillers add volume to the skin, while skin booster injections work in a subtle way as they improve the skin balance and enhance its appearance.

Skin booster injections work by attracting moisture from within our skin. This way, they keep the skin hydrated and enhance its natural glow at the same time. At Aesthetics International, we offer skin booster injections in Dubai. These injections are administered by our highly experienced doctors in a safe and effective manner. They have access to authentic Restylane Skinboosters, which they use to help our patients get flawless skin with reduced signs of aging and improved sheen and firmness. Book your appointment to get Skin booster injections at Aesthetics International!

Benefits of Skinboosters

A minimally invasive treatment, Skinboosters can make a significant improvement in your skin quality by keeping it hydrated. This property not only makes the skin look firmer but supports the transport of vital nutrients to the skin cells as well. It offers many benefits. Some of these are:

  • Improved elasticity and hydration of the skin
  • Reduced skin surface roughness
  • Decreased trans-epidermal water loss
  • Firm and smooth skin
  • Can be used on different areas
benefits of Skink Booster dubai
Skink Booster in dubai

Who Can Get Skinboosters?

Both men and women with younger or mature skin can get Restylane Skin booster injections. They work for every skin type. As they contain Hyaluronic Acid, a naturally occurring element, this treatment is considered safe for everyone. However, your doctor will be better able to guide you about whether you’re an ideal candidate for Skin Booster Injections or not during the initial consultation.

The Complete Procedure for Skin Booster Injections in Dubai

An initial consultation session is held before the treatment. During this session, the doctor analyzes the patient’s skin, takes into account their medical history, and obtains other details from them. The patient’s expected results from skin booster injections and potential side effects are also discussed during this session. If you have any queries or concerns, feel free to ask your doctor during this session.

During the day of your treatment, the doctor applies a topical anesthetic cream to the treatment site to make the procedure comfortable and pain-free for the patient. Then, they use a very fine needle to insert small quantities of Restylane skin booster injections into the skin on the marked areas. When the substance reaches beneath the skin, it creates small reservoirs of moisture, which keeps the skin hydrated and glowing.  

It is important to follow aftercare practices to ensure you get the optimal results. Avoid alcohol, smoking, and strenuous activities for at least 24 hours. Make sure you are not using products that contain vitamin C, AHA, and oil for the said duration. Other than that, it is recommended to avoid facial waxing, facials, energy-based treatments, microdermabrasion, and facials for two weeks after getting this treatment.

Expected Results of Skin Booster Injections

By getting skin booster injections, you can expect to have glowing, smooth, and radiant skin. The signs of aging will also be reduced. There will be a noticeable improvement in the texture of the skin as the dullness and weariness will be replaced by freshness and radiance. The skin boosters’ effects last up to 9 months. However, getting regular maintenance sessions after every 6 months (approximately) is recommended for long-lasting results.


As it is a versatile treatment, you can get skin booster injections for your face, hands, décolletage, and neck to improve the structure and appearance of the skin.

There can be a slight pain when the needles are injected. However, a numbing cream may be applied to curb the pain and make the treatment comfortable for the patient.

Generally, it is recommended to get three sessions with a gap of 2 to 4 weeks in between for optimal results. Each session takes up to 30 minutes.

It may take up to two weeks for the results to start appearing. However, they fully appear after four weeks.

No, they are different treatments even though both of them contain Hyaluronic Acid. Dermal fillers are more apparent, while skin booster injections are subtle yet offer effective long-term results.

Generally, there are no major side effects associated with this procedure. However, you may feel redness, itching, bruising, swelling, or discoloration post-treatment. These effects are temporary and subside on their own. But if they persist, it is recommended to get the assistance of your doctor.

The cost of skin booster injections in Dubai varies depending on the clinic you are getting it from. Furthermore, the expertise and experience of the doctor, number of sessions required, area(s) treatment, and other factors also impact the price.

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