Thread Lift in Dubai

As we age, the shape of the face changes due to alterations in facial skin strength and elasticity, coupled with bone, fat, and cartilage loss. Silhouette Soft® Thread lift treatment allows you to restore your midface, jawline, eyebrow, and neck sagging and stimulate lost collagen production in just 30 minutes. With the help of Thread Lift in Dubai, it is now possible to restore the “triangle of youth” without getting surgery. Leveraging the revolutionary technology of the Silhouette Soft® treatment, it can provide volume to the skin, and the result is fresher, smoother, and more vibrant skin.


What is Thread Lift?

A thread lift is a slightly invasive procedure that is an alternative to a facelift. It helps in tightening the skin by using medical-grade threads. As this treatment is minimally invasive and has results similar to facelifts, many people who can’t undergo a complete facelift surgery book an appointment for thread lift to regain their facial contours.

At Aesthetics International, we offer Thread Lift in Dubai using state-of-the-art technology. Our team of esteemed doctors, led by the renowned Dr. Jaffar Khan, believes in walking the extra mile to ensure each patient gets the best result that is tailored to their requirements. Book your appointment for Thread Lift now and enjoy youthful and vibrant skin in no time.

Benefits of Thread Lift

Offering an instant lift to the skin giving a fresh appearance, Thread Lift is a minimally-invasive procedure that causes no downtime and offers lasting results. Not only this, but it also helps diminish signs of aging. Some of the remarkable benefits it offers are:

  • Brightened and improved skin tone
  • Boost skin elasticity
  • Reduced fine lines and wrinkles
  • Immediate results after procedure
  • No downtime
  • Smoother skin
  • Stimulated elastin and collagen production
  • Natural and long-term results
  • Quick recovery
Thread lift in Dubai
Facelift with Threads in Dubai

Who Can Get Thread Lift

Thread Lift is a popular anti-aging and skin rejuvenation process that uses temporary sutures to produce a visible “lift”. It can tighten your skin and give natural results while combatting signs of aging. It is also suitable for those who cannot undergo complete facelift surgery as it doesn’t require sedation. Generally, any person can get Thread Lift if:

  • They are showing mild to moderate signs of aging, i.e. loose skin, fine lines, wrinkles, etc.
  • They enjoy a good overall health
  • They fall between the late 30s and early 50s
  • They have realistic expectations from this procedure
  • They want fresher, younger-looking skin

Procedure of Thread Lift in Dubai

Initial Consultation

The procedure of Thread Lift begins with an initial consultation session held between the patient and doctor. During this session, the doctor will analyse your skin and ensure you’re a good candidate for this treatment. They will discuss all the details pertaining to the treatment, such as the intensity of pain, downtime, expected results, etc., during this period. Furthermore, they will also listen to your concerns and ensure there is no ambiguity. They will give you a clear picture of this treatment and help develop a better understanding of the benefits and concerns (if any) of Thread Lift.


After meeting the doctor who’ll be performing the procedure and setting the date, you’ll be given some instructions that you must follow. If you are taking any blood thinners like aspirins, you should stop taking them at least one week before your appointment. Similarly, NSAIDs are also not recommended before the procedure. On the day of the appointment, you should come to the clinic without any makeup because it will have to be removed before the procedure.


During this procedure, the doctor inserts medical-grade threads or sutures inside the skin with the help of a thin cannula. Then, the skin is tightened by pulling up these threads. There are tiny barbs that are attached to these strings. The function of these barbs is to hold the skin and lift it to give it a younger appearance. The number of threads a patient requires vary depending on the size of the treatment area.

Post-treatment Care

Getting thread lift is a safe, low-risk procedure. They require minimal recovery time. Even though there might be some redness, swelling or bruising, the patient can resume their routine activities almost immediately. They can also start applying make-up the following day of the treatment. However, it is advised against applying any pressure on the skin during the first week.

Expected Results of Thread Lift

After getting a Thread Lift, you can expect to have clear and youthful skin. It may, however, take some time before the results are fully evident as the treatment is following mild swelling and bruising. The patient is recommended to use cold compresses, ointments, and medicines to manage these symptoms. Usually, results start to appear after one week, but different patients show different results.


As a Thread Lift is a minimally invasive procedure, it doesn’t require general anaesthesia. But, doctors generally local or twilight anesthesia to the area where threads need to be inserted.

The price of Thread Lift in Dubai depends on different factors and varies from patient to patient. Most importantly, it depends on the number of areas you’re getting treated to and other procedures that you want to add with it.

Like any other medical procedure, if you’re going to get a Thread Lift, you should discuss everything with your doctor. You should bring along all your previous medical records when you’re going for your initial consultation. Additionally, you can also ask them any questions you have regarding the procedure.

No age-lifting technique is permanent. The results of every procedure vary from a span of a few months to years. Although Thread Lift usually has a life smaller than a surgical facelift that can last as much as a decade, if you are getting Silhouette SOFT Thread Lift from Aesthetics International, results will last for up to three years.

Even though Thread Lift is a minimally invasive procedure, it still requires an inversion of needles in your skin. Therefore, you should consider all the risks and recovery times before you opt for this procedure. The entire procedure is risk-free; you’ll still need some rest following the treatment.

Any questions you have pertaining to the treatment should be asked during the initial consultation session. You most certainly should ask them about the duration of the procedure, risks, concerns, side-effects, results, suitability, types of needles, precautions, etc.

As needles are inserted into the skin during the Thread Lift procedure, it can be painful. This is why doctors apply local or twilight anesthesia to numb the area. However, bruising and swelling are common post-treatment effects. They subside on their own, but the patient is prescribed over-the-counter medications to manage these symptoms.

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