Plexr Eye Lift Treatment in Dubai - Non-Surgical Blepharoplasty

Plexr Non-Surgical Blepharoplasty aims to improve eye bags, sagging eyebrows or eyelids, skin tags or warts and other unwanted features. It is also known as the ‘lightning eye lift’.

As we age, our skin tends to lose elasticity. This results in the formation of wrinkles and fine lines that leads to drooping, hooding and sagging especially around the eyes. As this procedure doesn’t require an incision, there are no stitches. Moreover, the recovery time is fairly quick as well. It doesn’t leave any scar and creates a very effective natural lift that comes with permanent tightening results.

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Plexr Options


Plexr Plasma eye lift treatment in Dubai sublimates excess fat from sagging eyelids. It regenerates the plasma on the eyelids with the help of a specific device known as plexr.
Thirty minutes prior to starting the procedure, the dermatologist applies a numbing cream on the affected area. It minimizes pain and enables the patients to have an almost painless experience. During the treatment, plasma energy is created between the Plexr probe and the skin. There will be a minor heat in places where the microplasma beam is being focused.

There will be a clear reduction and skin folds almost immediately. Once the treatment is over, a brown spot is formed at each side of the dot. It is only carbon crust. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about it as it will take up to two weeks for the spots to flake and fall off. Moreover, it is pertinent to allow the scabs to fall off naturally. If not, scarring or infection may occur. To experience complete healing, the patients should discuss the post-treatment care with their dermatologist and follow all instructions strictly.

The results of this treatment depend on the body’s response to the energy that is delivered to the skin. Therefore, the outcome of the Plexr Plasma Eye Lift in Dubai can vary from person to person.


  • Improves the appearance of hooded eyes
  • Lifts drooping eyelids
  • Tightens the skin around the eye
  • Removes small moles
  • Quick recovery
  • Painless procedure


People often get Surgical blepharoplasty after getting Plexr treatment in Dubai.


  • If you have droopy eyelids
  • If you have dark circles around your eyes
  • If you have much puffiness around your eyes
  • If you are over 18
  • If you do not smoke
  • If you are physically healthy
  • If you have stretch marks, wrinkles, cysts and scars
  • If you experience hyperpigmentation & fibromas

What Can be Achieved?

  • Lifted Face and Body
  • Corrected Acne Scars
  • Improve Dropping Eyelids
  • Rectified Lines and Wrinkles



The recovery time period is short. The patient will experience a mild burning sensation for a few hours after the treatment. Hence, they can go back to their routine work or drive right after the procedure. However, if the procedure involves the treatment on the eyes, it is recommended to wait until the swelling heals. Moreover, don’t cleanse or exfoliate your skin until the skin gets normal.

Furthermore, you should only apply Oxygenetix after getting plexr plasma eye lift, which assists in concealing and healing wounds.


Immediately after the procedure, you will see some small brown dots and redness on the skin. These will form into scabs. You must keep them dry for the next few days. After a few hours, you may notice swelling on the skin and the appearance of crusting. This may last for around 7 days.


Here, at Aesthetics International, we use a strong anaesthetic to numb the skin. This way, the patient doesn’t feel any pain during the procedure. However, they may feel slight discomfort and some burning or tingling post-treatment.


What Will Be Discussed During My Consultation?

During the initial appointment, we will map out your health condition. You will also be walked through the pre-treatment and post-treatment protocols.


In Which Areas Plexr Can Be Utilized?

Apart from tightening the skin around the eyes, Plexr can be effectively used to get rid of wrinkles appearing around the neck, cheeks and mouth.


Is the Process Safe and Does It Hurt?

Local anaesthetic cream is applied for 30 minutes before the treatment to minimise any discomfort. This makes the procedure of non-surgical eye lift virtually painless. The patient may feel a tingling or burning sensation afterwards.

When Will I See Results?

The results of Plexr plasma eye lift appear after a few weeks. However, optimal results will show around the 3 months. You may experience the tightening and contraction of your skin during the recovery period.


Do I Need to Repeat This Treatment?

The Plexr treatment in Dubai delivers amazing results that may last up to 5 years. Just like other technologies, it cannot stop the skin from ageing. However, the treatment heals it in such a way that protects it from aging and reduces the process for a specific time period.


Who Is A Good Candidate for Plexr?

People who have lax eyelid skin and have started to notice wrinkles and fine lines appearing underneath their eyes make for ideal candidates for this treatment. They must be in good overall health condition to get this treatment.

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