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Changes occur with time in the shape of the face and appearance, due to age-related alterations in facial skin strength and elasticity together with fat, bone and cartilage loss. Silhouette Soft® Thread lift treatment allows you to restore your midface, jaw line, eyebrow, neck sagging and stimulate lost collagen production in just 30 minutes without having to resort to surgery.

Benefits of Thread Lift in Dubai

There are multiple benefits of getting Silhouette SOFT in Dubai. Some of them are:

  • An Instant Lift to The Skin Giving a Youthful Appearance
  • Brightened and Improved Skin Tone
  • Boost Skin Elasticity
  • Reduced Fine Lines and Wrinkles
  • Immediate Results After Procedure
  • No Downtime
  • Smoother Skin
  • Stimulated Elastin and Collagen Production
  • Natural and Long-Term Results
  • Quick Recovery

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Areas Treated

Restoring the “triangle of youth” without having to resort to surgery, is now possible by repositioning, providing volume, and stimulating lost collagen production thanks to the innovative technology of the Silhouette Soft® treatment.

Silhouette Soft® is a unique solution with long-lasting results that can be carried out on different areas:

  • Contours of the face
  • Jawline
  • Cheeks and mid face area
  • Eyebrow
  • Neck

Procedure Combinations


Patients can combine the thread lift with hyaluronic acid based fillers for a comprehensive approach to overall anti-aging and rejuvenation of the face.

Anti-Aging Injections

Patients frequently combine thread lift treatments with anti-wrinkle injections for a comprehensive approach to overall facial rejuvenation.

What Can be Achieved?

  • Quick & Minimally Invasive Approach
  • Lifting Effect
  • Collagen Formation


What is a Thread Lift?

A thread lift is a slightly invasive procedure that is an alternative for a facelift. Thread lifts help in tightening the skin by using medical-grade threads. During this procedure, cosmetic or plastic surgeons insert medical-grade threads or sutures inside the skin and tightens it by pulling it up using these threads.

As this treatment is minimally invasive and has results similar to facelifts, many people who can’t undergo a complete facelift surgery book appointment for thread lift in Dubai to regain their facial contours.

Does a Thread Lift Requires Anaesthesia?      

As a thread lift is a minimally invasive procedure, it doesn’t require general anaesthesia. Most Dubai thread lift centres usually apply alcohol or any other local anaesthesia to the area where threads need to be inserted.

What is the Downtime or Recovery Time with a Thread Lift?

Getting thread lift is a safe, low-risk procedure. They require minimal recovery time. Even though there might be some redness, swelling or bruising but the patient can resume their routine activities almost immediately or at most after a day or two. Especially, if getting the Silhouette SOFT in Dubai, np downtime is required.

Who is a Good Candidate for a Thread Lift?

People who are showing mild to moderate signs of ageing i.e., loose skin along with fine lines and wrinkles are well-suited for a thread lift. To get a thread lift, the patient should be in the late 30s to early 50s and in good health. Additionally, people who can’t undergo facelift surgery because of any medical condition can get thread lift as it doesn’t require sedation.

How Much Does A Thread Lift Cost?

The price of the procedure depends on different factors and varies from patient to patient. Most importantly, it depends on the number of areas you’re getting treated and other procedures that you want to add with it. Contact us now to get free estimates for cosmetic procedures such as thread life and SILHOUETTE SOFT in Dubai.

How to Prepare for Your Initial Meeting with The Expert?

Like any other medical procedure, if you’re going to get thread lifts, you should discuss everything with your aesthetics expert beforehand. You should take all your previous medical records with you when you’re going to meet the expert. Additionally, you can also ask them any questions you have regarding the procedure. This will clear all the confusion you might be facing.


Are the Results of a Thread Lift Permanent?

The results of the thread lift are not permanent. They usually last for 3 years after which the patient has to undergo the procedure again. However, if you get a thread lift in Dubai from a reputable clinic such as Aesthetics International, the results can last for a longer time.

What Are the Things to Consider when Deciding About A Thread Lift?

Even though thread lift is a minimally invasive procedure, still it requires an inversion of needles in your skin. Therefore, you should consider all the risks and recovery times before you opt for this procedure. Although the entire procedure of the thread lift is risk-free, you’ll still need some rest. Because redness, swelling and bruising will be visible on your skin as needles are inserted into your skin.

What Should You Ask the Expert?

Some common questions that you should ask your aesthetics expert before setting the date for your procedure are:

  • Do you think I’m a suitable candidate for a thread lift?
  • How much experience do you have in performing thread lifting?
  • Is the procedure risky?
  • How long will the results last and when will I require touch-ups?
  • Are there any precautions that I need to take?
  • Are you registered with the health authorities and certified to perform the procedure?
  • Which type of thread will you use?
  • How can I get rid of bruises and swelling faster?  
  • Which hospital you’ll take me to in case of any complications?

How to Prepare for a Thread Lift?

After meeting the expert who’ll be performing the procedure and setting the date, you’ll be given some instructions that you have to follow. If you are taking any blood thinners like aspirins, you should stop taking them at least one week before your appointment. Likewise, NSAIDs are also not recommended before the procedure. On the day of the appointment, you should come to the clinic without any makeup because it will have to be removed before the procedure.

How Long will a Thread Lift Last?

No age-lifting technique is permanent. The results of every technique vary from a span of a few months to years. Although thread lifts usually have a life smaller than a surgical facelift that can last as much as a decade. However, if you are getting Dubai Silhouette SOFT thread lift from Aesthetics International, it will last for as much as three years after which the threads will start getting loose.


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