Tummy Tuck: 7 Myths Stopping You from Unlocking an Hourglass Figure

It is one of the biggest desires of both men and women to have a flat and toned stomach. And why shouldn’t it be? It’s considered the epitome of an attractive and healthy figure. However, due to stubborn fat, some people are unable to attain this figure. This is where plastic surgeries, such as the tummy tuck, come into the picture.

Tummy Tuck – A Brief Introduction

The tummy tuck, also called abdominoplasty surgery, is a cosmetic treatment that slims, tones, and carves the abdominal area, resulting in a younger, smarter look. It removes excess fat and skin from the targeted areas to reshape and contour the stomach.

Getting a tummy tuck surgery can make you look slim, significantly improve your appearance, and boost your confidence. Due to its abundant benefits, it has become one of the most performed surgeries in Dubai. As the emirate continues to cement its position among the leading medical tourism hubs, it attracts people seeking tummy tuck surgery. Although there are other body contouring procedures, tummy tuck in Dubai remains the preferred choice of many.

Myths and Misconceptions Associated with Tummy Tuck Surgery

Despite its abundant benefits, some people stay away from tummy tuck surgery even if they want to achieve the perfect hourglass figure. The reason? They believe the myths and misconceptions associated with this treatment hold some truth.

Here, we have debunked these myths surrounding tummy tuck surgery. Continue reading to enlighten yourself:

Myth # 1: Tummy tuck surgery helps in losing weight, or it will make you skinny

Fact: No, it won’t make you skinny or aid in losing weight. It will just remove excess fat from your body that was hindering your ability to achieve your desired figure. To put it figuratively, the maximum you can lose after tummy tuck surgery is between 20 and 25 pounds.

Now, it’s not necessary that you will lose this much fat. The results can vary depending on various factors and conditions. On average, patients lose between 8 and 10 pounds. So, it’s important to be in good enough shape if you want to achieve your desired figure.

Myth # 2: Only women get tummy tuck surgery

Fact: This myth is believed not only for the tummy tuck but almost every cosmetic treatment, whether surgical or not. However, the reality is that men can also get this surgery. The numbers may be low as compared to women, but they are growing at a rapid pace.

Myth # 3: Older people cannot get tummy tuck surgery

Fact: As long as you enjoy good health and do not suffer from major medical conditions, you are a good candidate for tummy tuck surgery, no matter what your age is. In fact, a lot of women and men get this treatment after they have reached 40, breaking the myth that tummy tuck is only for younger people.

Myth # 4: Women cannot get pregnant after getting tummy tuck surgery

Fact: This is one of the most common, and rather absurd, myths that have kept women away from getting this surgery.

This myth majorly stems from the fact that doctors usually recommend women to get this surgery after they believe their family is complete. However, the reason behind this recommendation is totally different. Doctors give this recommendation because pregnancy fat is likely to reverse the outcome of tummy tuck treatment. This means all the time and money you have spent, and of course, the pain and discomfort endured go down the drain.

Simply put, a tummy tuck doesn’t meddle with your ability to get pregnant. However, from a safety standpoint, consider getting it after you have children.  

Myth # 5: There is only one type of tummy tuck surgery.

Fact: No, there are actually different types of tummy tuck surgery. They vary in terms of the location of the incision(s) and the technique used. Mini tummy tuck and traditional tummy tuck are the most common types of this surgery.

The former, as the name suggests, is a less invasive procedure that leaves a small scar. It is usually recommended for those who have minimal cosmetic concerns. The latter, on the other hand, is a full tummy tuck that is more suitable for patients who have excess skin folds or roundness and severe skin laxity.

At Aesthetics International, we conduct a consultation session with the patient to determine which technique best suits their requirements.

Myth # 6: Tummy tuck surgery leaves ugly scars

Fact: While it’s true that tummy tuck leaves scars as it requires incisions, they cannot be termed ugly. This, however, depends on the type of tummy surgery and the expertise of your cosmetic surgeon in Dubai. Also, you should know that scars become less obvious with time.

Myth # 7: Tummy tuck surgery requires extensive downtime

Fact: As tummy tuck is a surgical procedure, it requires downtime. However, many believe that you will be bed-ridden post-surgery for about a month and won’t be able to do your routine tasks. This, however, is nothing more than a misconception.

If there’s no complication, you can get back to your job within 10 days after surgery. This doesn’t mean that you are healed fully after 10 days. It will take some time before the results fully appear and you are completely healed. But, you will be able to resume your daily routine in a matter of a few days.  

Having said that, the recovery time varies from patient to patient. It is important to discuss all these details with your surgeon during the consultation session and follow their post-op guidelines for smooth recovery.

Wrapping Up

Do you have more questions or concerns about tummy tuck surgery? Feel free to book your appointment at The Aesthetics International. Our most experienced doctor will guide you about the tummy tuck procedure and clear all your concerns.

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