What Are The Reasons For Breast Implant Removal Surgery?

The days of women (and men, too) judging other women based on their physiques and appearances are over. Do you know how it happened? Social awareness has played a role. However, it’s the advent of cosmetic surgeries which has turned the tables for good.


Among different cosmetic procedures, one of the most exciting treatments includes getting breast implants. It’s no secret that the prime reason for getting them is to increase the woman’s breast size. Yet, there can be several theories behind this need.


Getting breast implants, otherwise known as breast augmentation surgery, is a surgical procedure. Ladies often opt for it to enhance their appearance and feel good about themselves. In some cases, they get it for medical purposes as well. Either they are using saline or silicone gel to do the process. In some cases, surgeons transfer fat from other body parts to the breast.


A breast implant is genuinely transformative with physical, aesthetic, and psychological perks. However, it’s an artificial procedure, so no strings are attached to it. So, it can lead many candidates to a harsh decision with all the reasons for breast implant removal surgery.


On this note, let’s take a look at some of the reasons for breast implant removal surgery:


Top Reasons for Breast Implant Removal Surgery 

Capsular Contracture 

It’s one of the most common reasons for breast implant removal procedures. The hardening of the scar tissue around the implants causes this condition. It’s a medical condition known as capsular contracture. It can be painful and uncomfortable and determined by the changed appearance of the implant.

Although breast implants don’t expire, they have a minimal shell life, so showing such signs is common. Removing implants might result in lowered neck and back pain as well. 

The Risk of Cancer

Another cause of getting your breast implants removed is the possibility of cancer, namely anaplastic large cell lymphoma (BIA-ALCL). It’s rare cancer that happens around the scar tissue of an implant. Textured implants are often associated with BIA-ALCL. So, you must check in with your surgeon to see if you’ve ever got textured implants placed. 

Risks of Rupture and Leaks

Among other reasons for breast implant removal surgery, a prominent one is the chances of its failure.

Do you know breast implants are prone to breakage and leakage? When a saline-filled implant deflates, the liquid gets absorbed by the body. This rupture can result from an injury or mammography; there’s no apparent cause. 

It’s important to note that damaged or broken implants can’t be repaired. They require immediate replacement or removal.

Skin Rippling and Wrinkling 

Visible and palpable wrinkling over breast implants is generic. In fact, some wrinkling is natural and expected. Yet, it can be pronounced in candidates with saline-filled implants or thin breast tissue. Implants might become evident at the breast’s surface as the device pushes through the skin layers.


Calcium deposits in the scar tissues can form and cause discomfort, pain, and firmness in the implants. You can determine their existence through mammography. Since calcium deposits are usually a sign of breast cancer, it’s imperative to consult a professional. In such cases, additional surgery is necessary to examine calcifications and remove the breast implants.

An Unexpected Mammography 

Breast implants might make mammography difficult and restrict the detection of breast cancer. Silicon and saline implants might interfere with the visibility of breast tissue on the X-ray.

There’s also a possibility of a rupture that occurs from breast compression during the examination. In addition, if the implant leaves its place at some point, it’ll be one of the most alarming reasons for breast implant removal surgery. Without implants, your mammography will be more precise.

What Happens After The Breast Implant Removal Surgery? 

Once you get the removal surgery, your breasts will not immediately change their appearance. And so, it might take two to three weeks to regain their volume. 

For a few weeks after the surgery, surgeons usually suggest you wear a special support bra or a compression garment to minimize swelling. You might also have tiny tubes, known as drains, placed underneath your skin. These tubes assure that your body is draining excess fluid or blood. While you only have to wear them for a few days, they tend to stick to a place for over ten days.

Final Verdict 

Following all the reasons for breast implant removal procedure, ensure to have a thorough discussion with your surgeon while getting one. Furthermore, you must deliver your preferences, expectations, and any potential complications you’re worried about.

Remember that nothing is permanent; the desires persuading you to get breast implants might turn into an undesirable body feature. So, take your time and make a decision patiently. For further assistance, you can book an appointment at Aesthetics International with our highly experienced consultants and surgeons.

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