Sofie Skogen is the Homeopathic Physician at Aesthetics. With more than twenty-five years of experience in the art of applying homeopathic medicine to a wide spectrum of acute and chronic ailments/diseases and disorders, she has also participated in setting up and running a research program.


She has five years of medical training from NAN Norway in “normal” allopathic (school) medicine, the science of homeopathy and the application of homeopathic remedies to treat various illnesses and diseases. Furthermore, she also has two years of training in Advanced Homeopathy from SIKH (Scandinavian Institute of Classical Homeopathy) and a further three years of post graduate training with Professor George Vithoulkas, the Alternative Nobel Prizewinner of 1996, and his team.


Sofie Skogen is the representative of the International Councils of Homeopathy (ICH) to the government of the United Arab Emirates – having spent 10 years working towards the implementation of homeopathy into the health care system of the UAE Precedence for the region was set in 2000. This work was done with the deepest commitment and the highest intention for the betterment of the citizens of the UAE and the region.


She has experience in auricular therapy and phytotherapy as well as different healing methods. Her vast experience also includes working as a counselor for children and adults. She offer pointers and guidance independent of any religious beliefs, in the direction of an enhancement of life quality with freedom and inner peace. She also supports healing without any use of medication to help you overcome different situations. Sofie Skogen has also taught groups of children different relaxation methods and offered internships to many students.


Sofie has written several articles for a variety of magazines and newspapers, has been on radio programs and TV shows and on the news, and is indeed very experienced in her field. She has held lectures and has been used as a consultant for a variety of organizations and government institutions, and support groups.


As an experienced homeopathic physician, Sofie will use different pathways and methods to help the patient, but there is always a wholesome and holistic approach to her work.


She carries out her expertise according to a specific pathway. Each of the pathways is key to opening the doors to the possibility of the next level of healing and recovery. It’s also possible to simultaneously adopt one­ or more, or ­all methods, which often leads to radical recovery and healing. This is an individual choice.


The method of what often is referred to as Classical Homeopathy takes the human as a whole into the evaluation of every single “case” or disease. It’s a non–invasive treatment in which the minute dose is administered of the correct single chosen remedy for all kinds of suffering, whether the gravity of the suffering is mostly experienced on the spiritual, mental, emotional, or physical level.