Lip Fillers in Dubai - Injectable Dermal Facial Fillers

The natural aging process leaves some men and women with loss of volume in the face. Injectable dermal fillers are soft, gel like substances that can not only help restore this lost volume, smooth lines and soften creases, but also enhance facial contours and features such as the lips, chin, jaw, nose & cheeks.

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Areas Treated

Dermal fillers contain a naturally occurring compound found in skin called Hyaluronic Acid. Once injected, it provides fullness and hydration to the skin & can help with volume loss, creating a youthful appearance & helping to improve symmetry and balance:


Some of the areas that can be treated with filler are included below:



Cheek Filler:

Enhance and restore volume to sunken cheeks or temples


Dermal Facial Filler for lines:

Smooth lines are nose and mouth (Marionette lines, Nasolabial Folds, Smile Lines)


Lip Filler:

Plump and enhance lips

Nose Filler:

Smooth out bumps and/or depressions in the nose


Under Eye Filler:

Restore volume under the eyes to diminish dark circles & sunken eyes


Chin Filler:

Smooth out a chin crease, improve balance and symmetry, create a stronger profile

Procedure Combinations

Anti-Aging Injections

Patients frequently combine fillers with anti-wrinkle injections for a comprehensive approach to overall facial rejuvenation.

Injection Type

We use dermal fillers which are Hyaluronic Acid based. HA is a natural occurring substance already present in the skin, which keeps our skin looking supple and hydrated. Due to the natural aging process, HA reduces in our bodies over time. A soft, gel like substance; the results are temporary lasting anywhere between 6 – 12 months depending on the area you have injected.

Fillers which are Hyaluronic Acid based and are commonly used to treat areas such as the lips, under the eyes, nose, cheeks, chin, temples, and lines around the nose and mouth include:

  • Restylane
  • Juvederm
  • Teosyal
  • Perlane


What Can be Achieved?

  • Volume Enhancement
  • Reduction of Wrinkles & Lines


What is the process like?

Patients must book a short consultation with Dr. Jaffer Khan prior to their treatment. This will allow your surgeon to discuss your preferences and go through any concerns you may have. We apply EMLA topical numbing cream before your treatment to ensure it is as comfortable as possible.


How long does it take to recover?

There is no downtime with fillers & you are free to resume daily activities as normal. We recommend not going to the gym or any sports activities until after 24 hours post your treatment.


How long does this treatment last? 

Every individual is unique, however generally it can depend upon the type of filler used, the area of treatment and the patients skin quality.


When can I see results after treatment?

Results are seen immediately after the treatment, however you will incur some redness and swelling post the treatment.


Did you know..?

Your plastic surgeon Dr. Jaffer Khan is a Key Opinion Leader for Allergan, makers of Juvederm Key Opinion Leaders conduct trainings to other plastic surgeons and dermatologists within the region.

*There is no guarantee of specific outcomes so individual results and experiences can vary from person to person.


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