The “Mommy Makeover” is designed to help women address effects of childbearing and aging on the face, breasts and body. Mommy makeovers may include surgical or non-surgical treatments and sometimes both. After the journey of childbirth and breastfeeding, many mothers may struggle with delated or sagging breasts, & stubborn fatty deposits.

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Mommy Makeover Options

Procedure Options

Breast Enhancement

Following childbirth, it is common for mothers to experience sagging and deflated breasts. Breast enhancement can include a breast augmentation and a breast lift. A breast augmentation will restore lost volume through the insertion of an implant. A breast lift can correct sagging, leaving a perkier and more youthful appearance.


Tummy Tuck

Abdominal muscles and skin stretch during childbirth and it is common to be left with weaker muscle that do not respond to exercise. A tummy tuck will tighten the abdominal muscles and remove excess fat and skin.


Stubborn fat deposits which are unable to be eliminated through diet and exercise can accumulate during pregnancy. Liposuction can help restore and sculpt your body back to its pre-pregnancy contours and shape.


Non- Surgical

  • Coolsculpting Fat Removal through Cryolipolysis
  • Velashape for circumference and cellulite reduction
  • Skin resurfacing treatments

What Can be Achieved?

  • Improved Shape
  • Improved Volume & Size of the Breasts



Most surgical procedures restrict lifting 4 – 6 weeks after your surgery. It is recommended to ensure you have adequate childcare help during this period as you will be unable to lift babies and young children. In many cases, a surgical sports bra and/or compression garments are required. It is important to follow the advice for post-operative care given to you by the clinic.



Scars will continue to refine & will vary amongst patients depending on their natural healing process & location of incisions. Scars are generally refined to fine incision lines one year after surgery.



Tightness and stiffness, bruising, swelling and redness are normal experiences as the skin, tissues and sensory nerves heal. Pain medication and muscle relaxants will help you cope with any discomfort.


What will be discussed during my consultation?

Dr. Khan will go through any questions or concerns you may have about your procedure. He will also go through associated risks. During your in depth consultation, you will have the ability to see what your chosen surgical procedure results will look like with an advanced system called the Crisalix 3D Imaging software. The 3D image is created with a specialized camera. *There is no guarantee of specific outcomes so individual results and experiences can vary from person to person.


Do I have to elect to have all the procedures done?

No, the procedure is tailored to fit your needs and you may discuss this during your consultation.


How long after my pregnancy should I wait before the procedure?

Generally, patients should wait 6 months after having a child before electing to undergo surgery. During this period, diet and exercise is recommended to strengthen the muscles and help get rid of body fat. Mothers who are looking to have breast enhancement procedures done must wait until they have finished breastfeeding.

Can I engage in sports/gym activities?

After your procedure, your must avoid physical activity for up to 8 weeks. It is safe to engage in light activity such as walking. Strenuous tasks and heavy lifting can increase the risk of developing postoperative complications.


What about looking after children?

As the mommy makeover procedure tends to be popular amongst mothers with babies and younger children, it is recommended that you have full time help after your procedure. You will be unable to lift anything as this may strain your incision sites and can affect your results.


How long will the results last?

The procedure is intended to last many years. However, it is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle and diet in order to avoid future weight gain, and to not have any future pregnancies in order to not affect the results of each procedure.


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